Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Garbage cases...

From the archives:In the News NCJ 2/21/02

Just think Palco and Debi August.

"...Top on Gallegos' list is the proliferation of "garbage cases," small-time crimes and overcharged cases that he said are clogging up the court system.

Garbage cases, said Gallegos, come in two forms: Cases that would lose if actually brought to trial and cases that are overcharged for the crimes committed. The idea behind filing both kinds of garbage, he said, is to get the defendant to plead guilty, netting a conviction without having to go into court.

"Probably 95 percent of the cases that are filed plead guilty. In fact, there are a lot of cases that are filed on the assumption they will plead guilty, because of the time and expense involved in defending them. But these cases shouldn't even be filed in the first place, because if they were challenged, they would lose," Gallegos said. Better yet: If they weren't filed at all, it would save the county time and money...."

So-o-o-- - that's why you're appealing the Palco "case" - the one the judge tossed because it wasn't worthy of even going to trial?


  1. It would be nice if we could test Paul for schizoid personality disorders. He ran for the office of District Attorney and fought recall to now DISMISS the idea of trying cases brought to him by the people who do that kind of thing for a living...

    What kind of 'attorney job' is he Really angling for?

  2. What could be wrong with overcharging criminals so they plead guilty to what they were caught doing? If you negotiate for the stiffest penalty we at least don't have to see them back here clogging up the courts with garbage cases again-for a very long time.

    Letting the bad guys out to keep perpetuating 'garbage cases' would be Paul's doing. Not the charging officers.

  3. Unfortunately, Paul doesn't know ethics. It is unethical and against bar rules to charge someone with a crime that you know you cannot prove....it is even more so to extort a plea.

  4. Looks like PG is quilty as charged and should be disbarred??? So who do we complain to? Is there a form we can fill out and send to the State Bar?

  5. So today Rose Tuesday, December 05, 2006
    Brings us “Garbage cases... “
    From the archives :In the News NCJ 2/21/02

    Gosh NEW hard hitting questions – (before you’ve addressed the ones I previously put into your postings Rose. And you PROMISED to get back to me on those, what happened? All I got was put downs from your readers, nothing from ‘the great Lady’ her self!?! – out side that “Well Mel Brown endorsed Worth!” … best you can come up with Rose?

    So again how come (wonderful honest) Worth puts it on his web site that “Worth was the first person to have law enforcement leave 10 plants behind when the person had a p215 card.” – when he wasn’t, period.

    Mel Brown was, he did it in 1997 right after p215 past, and the Arcata City Council formed a working group for P215 guidelines. Please NOTE this was the same time that Worth is quoted as saying “no protection under 215”

    This was during an interview later that year – so at the same time Mel was coming up with the 10 plant guideline, and was being quoted on it, Worth was saying the exact opposite.(citations available on my previous posts here)

    So Worth lies, and your not addressing why its okay for Worth to lie, expect by saying “Mel Brown indorced him” (as my kid would say “D-U-H” Mel’s endorsement is right next to Steve Knight’s that I’ve been talking about.

    Your other addressing of my comments were “well Worth is for de- criminalization” and I got to say IF he is WHY didn’t he put THAT on his web site? Vs. this LIE?

    So I’ve still not have this issue addressed = Worth lied, except by telling me I can’t spell, another person said that if shouldn’t swim in here because the sharks would eat me, and still another said I don’t know what I’m talking about.

    Rose still has not answered why (or been told by her handlers why, or they haven’t come up with a convenient answer for why) Worth lied and its okay.

    Again – cir 1997 p215 had just past – and Arcata’s city council had a working group on it. There Mel Brown held up both hands and wiggled his fingers and said, “Any cop can count to 10.” And THAT is when and how the 10 plant limit came to be, it was then LATER adopted by Terry Framer as the county guidelines.

    Mel Brown’s information was in all the papers, and nation news magazines as the frist city to adopt medical cannabis guidelines. He and several other people were even mentioned in Time mag. With their pictures et al.

    Where and how is Worth mentioned? “have no protection under 215, no matter what the supervisors say." (Rolling Stone Mag)

    Both national articles on P215 one in Time and one in the Rolling Stone came out the same time. No where is Worth mentioned or makes any note of a being the first law enforcement person to come up with the 10 plant guideline.

    Its really interesting, to me, that he should say so on his web site – something that is just not true, and it is more interesting that you keep ignoring this item, and keep the ‘ad-hom’ attacks coming, and or say “I’ll get back to you on this.”

    Let me know when your handlers come up with the answer Rose, thanks!

    Oh I'm NOT Richard (another thing I've been told as 'an answer' to why its okay by your people for Worth to lie), and Yup I do know 'some' };-) HTML and he doesn't know enough about computers to keep him self out of, e-mail, trouble with one! (chuckle) Also he can spell and I can't!

  6. Calm down. Read my answers on the various posts.

    And, in case you didn't realize it, part of the purpose of this blog IS to post ALL of the history of this sorry mess, which includes all of the stories - and when I stumble onto a particularly apropos quote that just strikes me funny - it''ll be here, not just to make you see red. I post the full text of the stories on the ARCHIVAL SUPPLEMENT because it frees up discussion space here.

    But I encourage you to read it thoroughly, and to read and listen carefully to the many people who weigh in here. Many of them have first hand information to impart.

    And part of the problem in this whole debacle has been that so many people are afraid to speak out. Afraid of the repercussions. Afraid of losing their jobs. Afraid of the Gallegos machine smearing their name in the media. Afraid of being persecuted in the same way Debi August was.

    More and more people are stepping forward. Not just here. They are talking to the reporters and editors.

    It is a serious situation. For all the similarities you see with the previous changeover, I submit to you there are some fundamental differences that are worthy of attention.

    (And I note specifically that one of the universal truths expressed about Worth is his honesty and compassion. So all your attempts to say he and Steve Knight are being dishonest are contrary to what I know to be the truth, whether you want to open your mind and see it or not.)

  7. I'm no fan of Gallegos, but that Debi August case had merit.

  8. Based on what you heard.
    For some information that you may not have heard:
    Transcript from the Last Day of the Debi August Trial

  9. Rose, based on a comment you made on Buhne earlier today, perhaps you can furnish the name of Arkley's filmographer?

  10. Dear 4:40 pm, You mentioned your child would have said "D-U-H". Please do us all a favor and ask your child to teach you how to spell the English language and how to punctuate it, as well. It might allure some of us to take you more seriously. Roy

  11. It would be a mistake to call him Arkley's filmographer. He is a student at an art school in New York who is thinking of doing a student project on Eureka/small town politics/Arkley.

    So far, the Green Party, Local Solutions and Peter LaVallee have volunteered to be in his piece.

    He expressed a desire to interview Rob Arkley and some of his people, so that he could be fair and even-handed.

    The (good) advice Matthews gave him was that he be sure and do that, so that his piece wasn't seen as political propaganda.

    HIs name is, I think, Jonathan Stromberg.

  12. Here's the really amusing part.
    Paul hasn't charged a single case.
    He delegates that to the incredibly overworked Keat in felony cases ( except CAST which is the province of yougo who never charged a case until he got to Humboldt, wonder how many CAST cases he has filed?) and to misdemeanor deputies in those cases.

  13. Have any child abuse cases gone to trial this year?

  14. the video kid sounded like a good egg. let's hope he doesn't get sucked into all this ugliness.

    if he wants to get into the film business, he'll need to be able to work with many people like Rob Arkley, money and all, and starting out with a bashing propaganda piece will only hurt him, lock him into the activist gridlock.

    good luck to jonathan. take matthews advice. you're lucky to have gotten the hell out of here.

  15. "and starting out with a bashing propaganda piece will only hurt him, lock him into the activist gridlock.

    HBO was threaten to be sued if they ran "Hacking Democracy" they told the voting machine makers to screw off – and go read the 1st amendment. I guess your right, better have BIG BUCKS if your going to try to tell the truth!

  16. Rose writes:Calm down. Read my answers on the various posts.
    (And I note specifically that one of the universal truths expressed about Worth is his honesty and compassion. So all your attempts to say he and Steve Knight are being dishonest are contrary to what I know to be the truth, whether you want to open your mind and see it or not.)

    a.) I am calm - its funny you should say that - as it seems your the one doging & dancing.

    b.) I've read all the posts in reply and see none that answer the question I asked (below again restated w/citations)

    c.) that YOU and others feel that Worth is " honesty and compassion" is not what I'm asking about.

    Here again is the question - to which you've answered that you spoke to Mel Brown and he says Worth worked hard. And everyone says he talked to them on his lunch brakes, vs. eating lunch, and that he's full of "honesty and compassion"

    You even tried to change the subject to attack Paul for dropping his p215 guidelines (which he did because SB420 supplemented p215 and gave the power to the Board of Sups and NOT the DA's office - so it was State of Cal law that changed - not Paul - the Board of Sups AND Paul - made a smooth change (though you say he hung people out) and moved to hold onto the old guide lines until the BOS's MMJ TF adopted new ones. All agreed upon by the DA, BOS's and Sheriff’s dept.

    -- BUT AGAIN THE QUESTION THAT YOU KEEP DISMISSING -- and why do I keep asking it? Because IF PAUL did this - you'd have it all over the place - but its some one Paul removed so it doesn't matter.

    How come its OKAY for Worth Dikeman to LIE about his coming up with the first 10 plants - though the Ad by Steve Knight.

    When many citations PROVE that Mel Brown came up with the 10 plant guidelines (including TIME Mag and NCJ), and yet during the same time period national mag. the Rolling Stone carried a Worth Dikeman article in which Wroth states that there are NO GUIDELINES, that there are NO rights held by p215 people.

    Same time frame = Mel puts in place, the 10 plants, Worth is giving interviews saying that he won't work with people on p215. "They have no rights!"

    -- and yet then 10 years later allows claims on his web site to the fact that HE (Worth Dikeman) was the first Law Enforcement Officer to come up with the 10 plant guideline.

    Now you and 'yours' have attacked me ad-hom and changed the subject and ran and danced all over this - but you still haven't given me a straight answer WHY its OKAY in your book for Worth Dikeman to LIE? (and in fact there by PANDER w/LIE to the p215 crowd?)

  17. Shall we make up a name for you 6:41, since we are going to have a conversation? You don't like Richard, and using 3:57 just confuses people when you keep switching threads.

    I'll post the ads in question so that people will undestand what it is you are talking about. And we'll go from there.

    Pick a name, doesn't have to be your real one.

  18. It seems the only thing left for the Gallegos camp to do is scream about Dikeman, as if that's an answer for Paul's shortcomings.

    The issue is, whoever is DA, what kind of DA services is the county getting? What does he do for his
    lovely salary, who does he hire,
    what kind of cases get charged, with what results, where did the office start when he came in, and is it better now?

  19. I think we should call 3:57/6:41 "shit for brain", but "Ken Miller" will do!

  20. Regarding Jonathan Stromberg - the fact that you are talking to Local Solutions and the Green Party and La Vallee indicates that you ARE in fact planning a hit piece.You will not be getting a fair and balanced perspective from any of those folks, but rather a negative agenda.

    They will be more than happy to use you.

    Find out what a documentary is worth, and make them pay you at the very least. YOu know, thier buddy Salzman is an artist's representative and should be able to tell you what a person should be paid.

    Artists are always taken advantage of, with the promises of more work to come once others see your good work. Fact is, when they finally do have some money to spend, it will go to some out of the area firm, and they'll pay big bucks.

    You're young and have your whole professional life ahead of you. Don't start out on the wrong foot. And don't let them use you just because you are a student.

  21. 12/06/2006 6:41 PM:

    you are trying to compare apples with oranges.

    The police agencies investigate crimes and submit them to the DA for charging.

    Mel Brown might have said 10 plants for APD, but the DA's office, at that time, had the discretion to charge people with 10 plants if they wanted to. APD did not, and does not, control what other agencies do or did. For example, the Sheriff's Office might have submitted cases with 1 or 2 plants, and it was within Worth's charging discretion to reject those cases.

    The Task Force has nothing to do with anything. The most current task force did not have anybody from the DA's office, and the only officer involved was from an agency that would have very few marijuana cases, and the officer is not one of those locally who has extensive expertise on cultivation and cultivation for sales.

    Even if a Task Force had made a recommendation at that time, the law enforcement agencies would not have been bound, nor would the DA.

    I think what Steve Knight was saying is that when he worked marijuana cases for the Sheriff's Department, Worth was the marijuana prosecutor. 215 had just been passed, and rightly so, officers were confused. The law remained murkey for a long time. The officers looked to the prosecutor, Worth, for guidance, and Worth set forth 10 plants as a guideline. Like I said before, it would have been within Worth's discretion to do that.

    I have known Worth for a long time, and he has always expressed that he thinks marijuana should be decriminalized, however, he is a prosecutor, and a prosecutor upholds the laws that are IN PLACE, not the laws that they think should be in place. Making laws is the legislative branches' providence, not the prosecutors'.

    I only write this not to argue with the person who keeps bringing it up (don't ever argue with a crazy man), but to clarify it for other readers.

  22. Thank you 1:41. Perhaps "shit for brains" will stop trying to mislead folks....somehow, I doubt it.

  23. Apparently 3:57/6:41 doesn't want to make up a name, or use his own. To attempt to answer his question I posted the text of the ad(s) that have so offended him (on another of the threads where he is commenting.)

    Perhaps he can talk about that last point - that the DAs office is not the legislative arm of government. Something Gallegos doesn't understand.

  24. 6:14, you're an uninformed idiot, and if you knew half of what you thought you knew you'd shut your cake hole.

    Whether or not Worth took credit for something he didn't do, and knowing the man personally I find that impossible to believe, in any sort of rational universe that does not compare to taking bribes, turning a blind eye to child and animal abuse, and letting criminals walk because Paul would rather carry out the personal agendas of his handlers than stand up for the community he was hired to protect.

    That's apples and oranges for you, and only one of them really matters.

  25. This Blog should state that it is based in Hurwitz's Office in Scotia.

    What a joke. The DA's Office in every city does its job of filing the cases that the police bring to them.

    99% of all cases get pled out and that's because they are guilty.

    The DA's job(in every county in this state) is administrative and to say that a DA is soft on crime is ridiculous and slanderous.

    It is so obvious that this is a PALCO blog it is comedic.

    Keep up the good work and have fun in Bankruptcy Court. Go buy a six pack of cheap beer at Hobey's and keep writing your nonsense.

  26. Ehhh - gong - wrong. This blog has nothing to do with Palco.

    But Palco is a major topic because it is the entire focus of Gallegos and his handlers. The focus of this blog is the wrongdoing perpetrated in pursuit of the "get Palco" agenda... things like getting an elected official to file a lawsuit, propping it up using phony groups with phony names and unnamed funding sources, plots to corrupt the public judicial system by soliciting special interst money to privately fund a public prosecution...

    it is about a DA who ignores his job, destroys programs that benefit real people, real victims of crimes while he is supposedly working on the Palco case, now an appeal because it was tossed out on its ear...

    It is about losing all of the county's experienced prosecutors and generally running the DA's office into the ground... and it is the counter voice to all of the propaganda that has gone unchallenged oh these many years.

    But most of all, this blog is here to make sure that the truth, told as often as possible in the very words of the people involved, through their own documents, is told, and is a part of the permanent record, so that higly paid public relations activists cannot sp cynically fool the local reporters ever again. Ever again.

  27. Funny how Palco is the Devil and now Worth Dikeman is the devil's helper!?!?! Some twisted point of view. More like continued spin to cover for Gallegos' screwups.

    This story line gets pretty old. This issue is about judgement and credibility. Even if Hurwitz and/or Palco is or was bad the lawsuit was without merit. PVG knew this and was advised against going forward on it. PVG did it anyway to curry favor with his supporters; Ken Miller et al. This is bad judgement, an abuse of power, and a significant waste of county resources.

    The Palco lawsuit was for PVG's buddies or backers, Debi August was punishment for speaking out in public against PVG at a Fortuna City Council Meeting, the Douglas/Zanotti indicments were punishment to the EPD for supporting Dikeman and to try and instill fear, and the Gunderson case had more to do with the child custody case with wife #2 than anything else ..... and remember who wife #2 had as an attorney.

    As it is even former PVG advocates are running for cover or at least staying silent.

    What a mess.


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