Wednesday, December 13, 2006

What will Gallegos do this time?

Because this time, people are watching.
Derek Bowman arrested on warrants

"Derek Bowman was arrested late last week on two warrants and remained in custody Tuesday.

On Friday, Humboldt County Sheriff’s deputies arrested Bowman, 25, of Loleta, on no bail warrants for second degree burglary and forgery.

Bowman is the son of Leonard Bowman, the chairperson of the Bear River Band of Rohnerville Rancheria.

In July, Bowman was sentenced to 180 days, less time served, in the Humboldt County jail for a probation violation. However, according to jail personnel, he was released Sept. 11 to serve the rest of his time in the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Work Alternative Program.

His most recent arrest violates the terms of his SWAP.

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  1. He will get 30 days per probation violation, reinstated, swap eligible. If a reporter talks to the DA, the DA will take a "principled" stand, refusing to bow to political issues, saying
    Bowman has been treated just like everyone else who's family can deliver a tribe of votes and a bunch of money.

  2. Will he still be allowed to work in the Casino's security/surveillance department? Now that he has violated his probation, can his charges still be expunged?

  3. Don't worry Rose, i'm sure the charges will be dropped and his criminal history expunged and he will retain his job in the surveillance department at the casino.

    This will all be done while Gallegos is on vacation in Costa Rica or where ever he is vacationing this week

  4. He's on the stand. Testifying as to why he fired Gloria Albin Sheets. he maintains it is because he "lost" grants. Specifically the SAPPP (Sexual Assault Prevention Program) Grants, statutory rape grants and Vertical Prosecution DV Grants.

    His answer to every question is :I don't know" or "I don't Recall."

    How much was the grant - "I don't know." What percentage of your budget is made up of grants - "I don't know." He should've known that since he talked about it during the most recent election.

    The most stunning comment was that he said an $80,000 a year employee costs him $160,000 a year when you factor in benefits. Wow! Double. That's really unusual.

  5. Uh, as I recall, at one point he said he was deliberately
    "weaning " the office off of grants. This was around the time
    the DV guy got dumped,and he lost the DV (domestic violence) prosecution grant.
    Every other agency scrambles for
    every grant dollar it can get, but
    NOT OUR DA. NOOOO, we are proudly independent of grants.
    But the voters have spoken, over and over again, this is what they want. The papers should publish the Albin testimony on a daily basis.

  6. The stat rape grant was eliminated state wide. But Albin was not the
    stat rape person when the grant was lost, it was lumped into CAST.

  7. Rose, why didn't you or anyone else make this public? When is Paulie to appear in court again on this matter? This could prove to be comical, if it wasn't sooooo disgusting and shameful !!!Roy

  8. They're due back in court tomorrow morning 9:30:am.

  9. When I get the transcripts I will be able to say whether he said $160,000 or $116,000. One makes sense, the other does not.

  10. I'll be there. Thanks Rose. Roy

  11. I'm not sure having all this in front of the election would have mattered. The reasons for Progressives to elect Paul Gallegos over Farmer in the first election were the same reasons they chose to defend him from recall and why they fought the Dikeman campaign (which might have been handled better by outsiders).

    Talking to anyone "Progressive" about the reasons not to re-elect Gallegos was like talking to a kid with their fingers in their ears. They just didn't want to hear it.

    The BS with Indians in front of the courthouse was their last desperate move and yep-it worked on the lefties.

    Its just too bad there will not be a quality candidate from the DAs office to run against Gallegos in the next election. Next time it will have to be an outside candidate with nothing to lose here.

    Paul has intimidated the entire staff practically on a daily/weekly basis-they aren't going to run.

    Gallegos is a waste of taxpayer money-its too bad though that there is no one decent left to replace him when the list gets longer every day of the mess he is creating in a formerly professional public office.

  12. Gallegos has not intimidated the potential candidates, the voters have. No one is scared of Paul, but everyone is sick at the idea of hanging it all out there for the kind of voters that Humboldt has. You spend a ton of money,
    you tell the truth, you get rejected because of a combination of apathy, stupidity, and self-interest, and then you get fired. Or, if you are not a DDA, your private practice has gone to hell while you were running for office.
    What part of that seems like fun to you?

  13. Not just that - but at this point, what are you taking over if you win? A ship that has crashed into the rocks, that the survivors tried to salvage bits and pieces of, like Swiss Family Robinson, but now, the ship is past the point of being salvageable, and the stormy water makes it impossible to go back in.

    Had he won, Worth Dikeman would have had a difficult time repairing the damage in four years. And it has gotten worse since he left.

    Looking at the damage done over the last four years, one can only imagine how much worse it will be with another four years of Gallegos' mismanagement.

  14. Hmmm..Bowman can be a juror on the Kesser retrial since Native American were ignored during the first trial!

  15. The damage done during this 4 year stint is too horrific to imagine. Time to move.

  16. time to move ............ period


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