Saturday, December 23, 2006

Meth in every story lately...

Honda's toxicology reports in

Probation sweep ends in arrest
ER Defense indicates victims' use of methamphetamine may have played role in homicide
Three in Whitethorn case get probation
not to mention, Burgess and Cheri Moore (none in her system, but part of her history).


  1. You've got it all wrong Rose. It's not the meth, it's the cops that have contact with the meth users. It must be the donuts or the Starbucks coffee. How can you blame a harmless drug?

  2. with a little luck, and some balls from the sentencing judge, Dinsmore will get the full monty!

  3. Derek Bowman
    CR062912S Felony PC459/460(B)Burglery
    CR063737S Felony PC470(D) Forgery
    CR051155S Misdemeanor HS11364 Possession of a controlled substance.
    Next court appearance 1/5/07 for probation violations. Currently back in custody.
    As long as we're making a list...

  4. At 11 to 1 to convict on the attempted murder of a peace officer the judge should get a pretty clear picture of what the jury, community think. Lots of locals know Dinsmore and many are terrified of him. He is a very dangerous and evil person, deserving of life in prison.

  5. Meth eradication should be a top priority in Humboldt County. KHUM and others have done a great job of informing people of the problem, but clearly not enough is being done to stamp it out. Unfortunately, there are no easy answers because it is a problem everywhere.

  6. crime and drugs, crime and drugs, crime and drugs--have you met or heard anyone who dosen't do crime and drugs or drugs and then crime??

    So, If you are still sleeping in Humboldt---time to wake up and start smelling the dead roses....

    Oh, and before you try to wipe the stink away, remember--there will always be more blowing in the
    wind---for it seems like the natural thing to do in Humboldt these days...

  7. It must be the Baykeeper that is responsible.

  8. whoa

    I agree with Heraldo on something (meth eradication). The meth problem is huge in Humboldt as it is over the majority of America. But Humboldt seems to be somewhat worse than most places. And it will continue to get worse because the current District Attorney does very little to prosecute meth dealers. The DA does very little to prosecute anyone. Using and selling meth has very little risk in Humboldt. Even if you get arrested you will most likely get probation and/or a misdemeanor. Has anyone checked the "one the record" section of the T/S on Sunday's lately? Does any drug dealer get a felony and prison?

    You can stop with the Arkleyville and call Eureka "tweekerville". Or maybe "Geeterville".

  9. Merry Christmas Rose

    I hope you have a busy 2007 (good stuff for your blog)!

  10. Heraldo has his nerve.

    Yes, it is a problem, and one that is overlooked when resources in the DA's Office are misused and when the DA and many of the DDAs think people should be able to alter their state of consciousness however they want to. One example: a case with a pound of meth and the perpetrator received probation.

    Voters passed Prop. 36 also, which disabled law enforcement with respect to meth, and this proposition is misused by the Humboldt County DA's Office. People selling drugs are given deals for possession and thus Prop. 36 sentencing.

    The people commiting other offenses: car thefts, car burgleries, robberies and other crimes and drug users. These people are also given probation and released into the community.

    When you have lenient laws on criminals passed by proposition and a lenient DA and deputy DAs, it's not going to help solve an epidemic drug problem.

    Also, meth causes people to be violent. Two of the people that have died in EPD shootings were on meth, and the other was a meth user. These people are not rational when they are on meth, and yet Heraldo takes their side over the police. Your efforts to neutralize the police only hurt their efforts to try to deal with all the serious problems in this community caused by lack of industry to supports jobs, many marijuana growers, many homeless on disability and welfare, a lenient DA.

    Besides a meth problem, you have a burgeoning tax base problem too.

  11. Why is it that Mr. Paul Gallegos, the twice elected DA of Humboldt, is keeping secret his ruling on the Cheri Moore Shooting? Why? Whatever side of the issue you are on I would think you'd want to know the answer. I also want to know why he has been dragging his feet. Is his vacation more important that the community? It's not like it's his only vacation in 2 or 3 years. The guy makes $100 K a year plus all the "donations" he can grab. He owes the County a answer. What a coward!

  12. 10:22 - it is unknown how the 11 to 1 went. The TS got it wrong because the court specifically instructed the jury to only disclose the split and not which way the jury was split.

  13. Rose must be without power... heh.

  14. Did you people forget about cocaine abuse? George W. Bush, anyone?

  15. I really don't give a shit about the names of the people who are abusing this crap.

  16. 3:51 - since you posted on the earlier blog at 3:53 you too also must be dickie.

    I dislike Bush,(a lot!) but prefer him to your deceit and manipulation.



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