Saturday, December 09, 2006

Why do things like this come in threes?

Sat. Standoff ends in shooting (interesting discussion in the comments that follow the article)
Sun. Standoff suspect shot dead
Police say fugitive was suicidal


  1. The same question crossed my mind.

  2. Looks like Dr. Ken "Quack" Miller is at it again. Interviewed By Dr. Royal Alsup Thursday on Arcata Community Television, regarding the Cheri Moore and Chris Burgess incidents. I guess he'll need to be reinterviewed now that Jonni Honda has been shot also. Whom is he to speak on Police violence. I thought his expetise was marajuana 215 cards and how to avoid jail for posession and the Palco lawsuit debacle. He is quite the pile of human debris!!!! And deserves every bit of scrutiny & disrespect we can muster. Roy

  3. Miller is a little dog who likes to piss on other dog's trees. Can't stay in his own yard. Runs with a pack of like-minded little dogs.


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