Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Driving around hunting down the victims, shooting them in the face - Insane? Or what?

Possible Insanity Defense in Marijuana Murder Case - Thadeus Greenson/The Journal

Allegedly, of course.

It must be crimes of 2010 day.


Kneeland Man Taps Eccentric, Powerhouse Lawyer for Murder Defense - Thadeus Greenson/The Journal Jun 10, 2014
Mikal Xylon Wilde, 32, was indicted federally March 1, 2012 on six counts, including murder in the commission of a narcotics offense, for the Aug. 25, 2010 fatal shooting of Mario Roberto Juarez-Madrid, of Santa Rosa, Guatemala, on a large-scale marijuana growing operation near Kneeland. Wilde — the first Humboldt County resident to be federally prosecuted for murder in decades — began working toward a plea agreement with the feds in December, after they decided not to seek the death penalty in the case.

...The interesting about face is made all the more so by Wilde’s choice of attorney. The long-haired Serra is a bit of a cult figure in the legal profession.
Shooting victim expected to testify against his attacker - Sep 14, 2011
Horror - Sep 21, 2010
On Aug. 25, they went to the Kneeland Airport to call someone to pick them up, the statement reads. Later that day, Wilde came to the property and got into an argument with the two men who had protested, and said he was mad that they had left the property. Wilde left, then came back, driving up to a travel trailer on the property where the two men were standing outside. The other man was inside the trailer, according to the documents.

Wilde pulled out a revolver and fired six shots, the man who was inside the trailer told deputies, and the other two ran. Wilde ran after them, and 20 minutes later, the man in the trailer heard three shots. The man in the trailer hid in the woods the remainder of the night, the statement said, and saw Wilde driving along the roads in his truck, shining a spotlight into the woods. The next morning, the man contacted a jogger, who led deputies to him.
.four gunshot victims - Aug 26, 2010
Cal Fire News: Eureka: Humboldt SO SWAT Responding, 10-20 in a remote area not accessible to patrol vehicles, nothing has been confirmed yet. #PotGrow
about an hour ago
Cal Fire News: Eureka: 3 reported deceased GSW victims have not been located, the RP was shot in face, helicoptered to a hospital #PotGrow
about an hour ago
Cal Fire News: #BreakingNews - Eureka area - LEO/EMS - 3 unconfirmed DOA gunshot vics at a marijuana grow, 4th civ victim at Kneeland Helitack base. 154.74
Do you get the feeling the Feds are here to do the job Gallegos won't do? - Mar 12, 2012
Mikal Xylon Wilde pleads not guilty - Sep 30, 2011

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