Thursday, August 26, 2010

...four gunshot victims... UPDATES on Blogthing

Undersheriff Mike Downey and District Attorney Paul Gallegos (center) are on scene in Kneeland, near where a multiple shootings may have occurred. An ambulance has left the scene, where at least one man was shot, another escaped unharmed and a third is missing, but actively being searched for at this time.

One suspect in custody, search continues for others (This breaking news is being updated...keep checking the link)
Humboldt County Sheriff's deputies and California Highway Patrol officers are responding to a report of a gunshot victim in an area near the Kneeland CalFire helitack base.
Reporters on the scene received reports of up to four gunshot victims, but Humboldt County Sheriff's Office spokeswoman Brenda Godsey said those are unconfirmed, and officers are still trying to assess the situation. At this point, Godsey said there is only one confirmed victim, who she said was transported out of the area for treatment....

suspect as Mikal Xylon Wilde, 28, and described him as a white male standing 6 feet 2 inches and weighing 225 pounds with a muscular build. Dispatchers said Wilde is believed to be driving a dark green or black Ford F250 pickup truck with a lift unit and a black brush guard. They said the vehicle's license plate number is 7B57780.

They said Wilde is believed to be armed with a .45 caliber handgun, and should be considered armed and dangerous.

At the Journal's ◼ BLOGTHING:

At least one man was severely injured in shootout in Kneeland last night, apparently in a marijuana-related dispute...

UPDATE, 11:30 a.m.: Scanner traffic says that the suspect has been taken into custody on Greenwood Heights Road. Officers on the scene paged animal control to take custody of two pit bulls.

UPDATE, 11:53 a.m.: The CalFire Twitter feed reports what we’ve been hearing; that three people were found dead in Kneeland this morning. The Sheriff’s Office will not yet confirm this.
Twiiter Feed shows up when you google Wilde's name
Cal Fire News: Eureka scanner: 11:31 154.74 One suspect in custody, code 4, 2 pit bulls awaiting animal control #PotGrow
35 minutes ago replyretweet
Cal Fire News: Eureka:1124hrs SO has suspect vehicle stopping dwn twn 1/4 m from Greenwood and Mountainview -3 DOA, 1 injured 154.74 SO Main still CODE 33
38 minutes ago
Cal Fire News: Eureka scanner: Wilde is believed to be armed with a .45 caliber handgun, and should be considered armed and dangerous. #PotGrow #BOL
43 minutes ago
Cal Fire News: Eureka scanner: BOL dark green or black Ford F250 pickup truck w/ lift unit / black brush guard. License plate number is 7B57780. #PotGrow
44 minutes ago
Cal Fire News: Eureka scanner: Suspect- Mikal Xylon Wilde, 28, WM,6 ' 2, 225 Lbs w/ muscular build. #SWAT #PotGrow
about an hour ago
Cal Fire News: Eureka: Humboldt SO SWAT Responding, 10-20 in a remote area not accessible to patrol vehicles, nothing has been confirmed yet. #PotGrow
about an hour ago
Cal Fire News: Eureka: 3 reported deceased GSW victims have not been located, the RP was shot in face, helicoptered to a hospital #PotGrow
about an hour ago
Cal Fire News: #BreakingNews - Eureka area - LEO/EMS - 3 unconfirmed DOA gunshot vics at a marijuana grow, 4th civ victim at Kneeland Helitack base. 154.74


Sheriff's Press Release

The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office responded to the Kneeland area this morning after receiving a report that a shooting had occurred in a marijuana garden there. At about 9:15 a.m. deputies responded and located one person who had been shot. The victim was conscious at the time and was air-lifted to an out-of-the-area hospital for treatment. Deputies were able to obtain possible suspect information and began searching for Mykal Wilde, 28 of Eureka. At about 11:30 a.m. law enforcement officers spotted Wilde driving near the Kneeland Airport and he was taken into custody without incident.

At the time of this writing (approx. 1:00 p.m.), deputies are searching the area to determine if there are additional victims. Initial information relayed to the Sheriff’s Office indicated that there may be an additional victim at the marijuana grow site. This report has NOT been verified.

Additional information will be released when it becomes available and verified.
link Not sure of the time of that release.


Humboldt County Sheriff’s Deputies continue to investigate the shooting that was reported to official this morning. At about 2:00 p.m. deputies found the body of a deceased adult male near a marijuana grow site. The preliminary cause of death appears to be a gunshot wound. Deputies do not expect to find additional victims but are continuing to search the area.

Investigators have learned that the shooting likely occurred last evening and involved four individuals: the suspect and three victims. Of the victims, one was airlifted to an out-of-the-area hospital for treatment for gunshot injuries. The second victim is deceased. The third victim was uninjured during the incident. The identity of all three victims is being withheld. The suspect, Mykal Wilde, 28 of Eureka, was arrested this morning and has been booked into the Humboldt County Correctional Facility for one count of murder and one count of attempted murder.

The motive for the shooting is still under investigation although Sheriff’s Detectives believe there was a dispute over illegal activity.

Additional information will be released as it becomes available.

Final Tally: One Arrested, One Injured, One Safe and One Dead - at the Blogthing

Not to fear - Gallegos the great is at the scene.


  1. Heard some great things about Paul and his leadership on this crisis. Whatever political stripe you are, we can all rally around our leaders during these troubling times. God bless our leaders and Sheriff Deputies!

  2. And Allison is twisting in the ind on this. She wants to make people believe she is pro-pot, because Anti-pot loses in Humboldt county every single time. She is Anti-pot. Don't be fooled. Just ask Ed Denson.

  3. Evidently 9:11 and 9:56 are the same paranoid schizophrenic. Paul had to be kicked out of the crime scene cause he was stupidly getting compromising it. As for Jackson on MJ what she has been saying is pretty fair from what I've read.

  4. I'm wondering what "leadership" paul was doing? I doubt he was in charge of anything, just wasting more expensive fuel in the helicopter.

    Ask Tad what he thinks of Paul and pot. Seems everybody is getting tired of him.

  5. Well, last time PVG was photographed on scene of a shooting, he ended up charging the cops with manslaughter. And how did that go for him?
    At least he got a helicopter ride out of it. And maybe some cotton candy? Or a doll?

  6. Ya'll be haters

  7. Ed Denson is a dope addled fool. Paul only showed up because Downey offered him a ride in the Sheriffs helicopter. Anything for a thrill, or photo op. This is disgusting.

  8. Oh get over it.Paul was doing his job.A shooting occurred so it was his duty to survey the scene.I would hope that Jackson would have done the same thing.It is disgusting how Paul haters will go after anything and everything he does or doesn't do simply because they choose to dislike him.If you folks had a more honest and heartfelt approach to issues at hand,than perhaps Jackson might have won this coming November,not the case,and because of it and some other reasons,we'll get Paul until 2014.

  9. do tell, mresquan

  10. So he really needed to be in a helicopter to survey an active crime scene? Can't photo's, maps, etc produced by LPO's be enough? Does that mean we need to get him a helicopter so he can survey all the crime scenes?

    Face it, he was wasting time that could of been used to work on court cases, etc, so he could have a photo op. This is an election year.

    He is the worse DA ever, and no amount of evidence will wake you up.

  11. He was doing his job? Then tell me he went to the autopsy, which is less fun but an important part of what homicide prosecutors do. While you're at it, where are the stats on how many CAST interviews he has attended, how many trainings on child abuse cases he has attended (as student or instructor) how many DV trainings, or any trainings?

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  13. Heard at lunch... these guys were trying to shake down the property owner and put a gun to his head the day before.

    The carbon footprint of a helicopter ride bothers a few people not to mention the expense-were they already going there and Paul hitched a ride or what is the actual circumstance lets not jump to confusion.

  14. Most of what a DA does is behind a desk; it is basically an administrative position. But PVG sitting behind a desk isn't a particularly compelling campaign photo. And it isn't as if he can point to stats about his office to support his bid for re-election. Thus the copter photo. Expect more of the same in the next couple months. What we won't see though is the time-honored traditional campaign photo that is common in other jurisdictions: PVG in front of piles of marijuana plants, or kilos of meth, or a seized meth lab, that sort of thing. Can't piss off his base, you know.

  15. Sorry, 10:28, but that's out of line.

  16. Rose, you have been reining in a lot of your more ardent supporters. A few months ago, you would have been encouraging every nasty attack upon Paul Gallegos. Has Allison told you to tone it down? It's probably embarrassing for her to have someone like you supporting her campaign.

  17. Nope - and you trying to say something in order to make it so will not work either.

    i encourage people to bring facts, not ludicrous and "nasty" attacks. Calling Gallegos a "criminal" as the commenter above is ludicrous and likely planted by someone like you, anon. I would hardly call whoever posted that comment an "ardent supporter."

    I have always maintained - he is a nice enough guy - he is a crappy DA.

  18. a very "crappy" DA

  19. Rose, you are a liar. You have used this blog as a platform to spread personal rumors and sexual innuendo about our District Attorney. You have not kept it professional, as you now claim. Shame on you, liar.

  20. That is incorrect. Nice try though.

  21. Run as much as you want Rose, but anyone reading this blog longer than the past 4 months knows just how low you are willing to go.

  22. Quote: For at least the last 10 months, controversial political figure Richard Salzman has authored numerous letters to local newspapers under fake names, the Journal has learned. The letters, which were signed "R. Trent Williams" and "Dick Wyatt," were published in the Journal and the Eureka Reporter, the only two local newspapers with extensive online archives. It is believed that they also appeared in other publications....

    the Journal contacted Salzman Friday afternoon to ask if he had, in fact, written letters to the editor using phony names. He said that he had not.

    "The only letters I write are the ones you see from me," he said. He added that he had never heard of "R. Trent Williams," but that Fortuna resident Dick Wyatt was a political colleague....

    Reached Tuesday morning, Salzman declined to comment on the matter any further. He said that he would not provide a list of false names he has used.

    In recent months, the Journal has received two letters from a person claiming to be a Eureka resident named "R. Johnson," one of which was published in July (the other, sent a month earlier, was published in the McKinleyville Press). Upon further examination, the letters have proven to be false.

    Even though the "R. Johnson" letters were sent to the Journal electronically, they cannot be definitively tied to Salzman or any other person as they contain no IP address information. However, they both take stances similar to ones Salzman has taken in the past: One thanks former Assistant District Attorney Tim Stoen for his service to the county, the other excoriates the Humboldt Taxpayer's League and auto dealer Harvey Harper.

    The "R. Johnson" letters give the address of a Eureka home that turns out to belong to 93-year-old Ruth Johnson. On Monday afternoon, the Journal reached Ruth Johnson's caregiver, who said that there was no way that she could have written the letters.

    "She can't even sign her own name," the caregiver replied....

    How did he come to use the names of elderly people who can't even sign their own names?

  23. Some jerk just got Rose-slapped. Way to go Rose. Hit'm with the truth!

  24. Rose,that was 6 years ago.If you want to use Salzman's relationship with Paul as your conduit for removing Paul for office,you have to find something new.It's an old story.You tried when you made the insinuation that Richard threatened Betty Chinn into asking her name to be removed from Jackson's support list,but you seemed to back away from that accusation perhaps because you couldn't find evidence to back it up,I don't know.And Rose,with all the files upon files of job related info that you have on Paul,and with your belief that his performance as a DA has sucked,why would YOU ever even consider bringing Salzman into a conversation,as there is no point in doing so?Wake up Rose,in just a few months,Paul is likely to win again,in part because you and others spend way too much time obsessing over Salzman and not devoting enough time to candidates who may be able to do a better job at running the office.You are supporting Jackson,but I don't read much on this blog about her abilities to do the same job that Paul can.

  25. Tell me what has changed. mresquan. Salzman is still running the show, don't lie to me about that. You're not that stupid.

  26. Mresquan can piss and moan all he likes.

    See, Mresquan can do that here, because Rose actually allows discussion to occur. But his good buddy Heraldo (who know each other in person I'm told) doesn't.

    Just today, Heraldo censored three of my comments on the Eureka City councilmember races. I tried to defend an innocent woman, Mary Boughton, just because she gave an interview for a local news show at Mary Brady's rally.

    Rose may or may not be right about Allison Jackson, but she is twice the man you are Mark. At least she plays fair and sticks to substance. And sticks to her values of Free Speech, unlike your dear friend Heraldo.

  27. Allison Jackson will tell her own story, mresquan. She doesn't need seconds to do it.

    Unlike Gallegos who has his assassins out spreading lies upon lies. Maybe it wasn't Salzman spreading the drunken lies, mresquan, and if you know that then you know who it is. You know what I am talking about.

    I know George Shieman is in full active duty, spinning lies, attacking Hagen and anyone else because Gallegos cannot run on his dismal record.

    And his lies will not help him this time. Too many now know the truth.

  28. "But his good buddy Heraldo (who know each other in person I'm told) doesn't."

    I have no idea who heraldo is,so I wouldn't rely on too much info given by your informant on that).And I have no idea why heraldo deleted your comments,that is an issue to be resolved amongst yourselves.

  29. Incidently,I like Jackson,and think that perhaps she could make for a fine D.A.,however I see where Paul has grown into his job and does good work at what is within his purview,and he has learned from past mistakes,and can effectively balance between rights of defendants and laying down penalties for crimes committed.He gets convictions,and yes,not all of the time are they are severe as we argue they should be,but are effective given the resources he has to work with.I don't see where Jackson has at this point asserted herself with concrete details of how she would run things in this regard all that much differently than he has.But hey in fairness,I'll contact her to ask of some of my concerns,as it is a bit futile to go back and forth here without doing so.

  30. Heralda cough cough and the Flying Heraldos.

  31. Rose you were doing so well. Allison is not going to be happy when she reads this blog. You are a loose cannon, and even she will see that now.

  32. Like Jackson would pay any mind to a moron like you Mark.

  33. "Like Jackson would pay any mind to a moron like you Mark."

    So am called a moron for having some opinions and ideas that more likely than differ from hers,and because of that she wouldn't give me the little bit of attention I deserve?I'd give her the benefit of the doubt that she would be pretty pissed at this comment and concerned about the attitudes of her supporters.At least I'd hope she would.

  34. Mark, if you'd quit being deliberately provocative, you would probably find people being more civil. Go fight somewhere else, go postulate on the acquisition of "progressive" power somewhere else. Something has changed with you. I don't know what it is. But you are being intentionally tunnel-visioned, and you leap to conclusions that have no basis in reality.

    Candidates and their families are advised to stay OFF the blogs. You are not speaking to her when you post here, no matter what you may think.

  35. "Mark, if you'd quit being deliberately provocative, you would probably find people being more civil."

    Not so deliberate,but sure I do get worked up over things,and likewise I would remain more civil on these blogs if I wasn't ripped up so much as well.
    When I wrote of a desire to connect soon enough with Allison Jackson I wasn't referring to any conversation occurring on any blog.I will find some time to meet with her in person or in some form to discuss some of her positions,and I can promise you I have no desire to be any bit adversarial.Sorry I guess that I would get miffed someone would assert that she wouldn't pay any mind to me as I don't see that being the case.Truly,I see that as an attack on her character.

  36. I thought you had met her in the past - and you of all people should know that she is not what is being painted by - yes, your friend - Salzman on every blog he has the opportunity to spout his hatred on. he has mastered his talking points.

    I do think people have ripped you unfairly in the past, Mark, but I have asked you several times, what has happened to you recently? Who is filling you up with the lies?

  37. There's a simple answer to that, Rose.

    David. Cobb.

    Between his awful propaganda screeching shows on KHSU and KMUD and his cult-like group therapy sessions, he's the biggest distributor of lies on the fake-left side of the spectrum.

  38. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  39. Gosh Rose,

    Must have been a interesting comment for you to remove it. Don't remember you having to do that in a long time.

    Makes me wonder, did Mark go off or did someone go off on Mark.

    The anon is right and I wonder how may people actually realize that H blog is monitored for both political content and for people.
    If someone who actually knows something or is part of the process and try's to give information which does not fit the progressive mold they do not allow it to be published. Also many of the characters on H blog are in fact part of the cast including anons of all types.

    Unfortunately, Jeff L. is for real.

    connect the dots

  40. " Also many of the characters on H blog are in fact part of the cast including anons of all types."

    Is that a fact that you can prove,or just idle speculation?

    "The anon is right and I wonder how may people actually realize that H blog is monitored for both political content and for people."

    Well I would feel sorry for you there except that heraldo can do whatever heraldo wants with his blog,and that doesn't prevent you or someone else from starting there own blog.By refusing to take further initiative and start another blog,anyone "censored" on the herald is also guilty of censoring themselves.

  41. "heraldo can do whatever heraldo wants with her blog"


  42. Don't worry your very small head about me Mark.

    Why would I have any interest in doing a blog. Unlike you I have a life, can do critical thinking, do not need to have someone tell me what to think.

    Also unlike you I am actually involved in the community, not just a fly on the ass of the prog movement.

    connect the dots

  43. Not writing that you should have an interest in doing a blog,just writing that you should not take interest in how heraldo wants to run his.
    And you are right,I have no life and am not involved in the community and you are so awesome compared to me.You win.I'll send you a burger king hat and a kazoo for you to celebrate with.

  44. "Don't worry your very small head about me Mark."

    Quit worrying about me,my life,my politics,if I want to be a follower or not,and what I may choose to do with it then.
    For someone with an amazing and fulfilling life such as yourself,you do spend a lot of time fretting over mine.Move on.

  45. Ha, Ha, look Mark has a sense of humor.

    Its just to fun to mess with you.

    Did I say amazing and fulfilling, no I think like most stuff you just made that up.

    What, me worry.

    Connect the dots