Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Latest Wave of Campaign Finance Numbers

at the Reporta
The record holders for now:
Most $$$ Raised: Virginia Bass ($114,667)
Most $$$ Spent: Paul Gallegos ($109,685)
Most Loans Taken: Paul Gallegos ($33,000)
Highest Debt: Paul Gallegos ($54,825)
Largest Single Contribution Received: Bonnie Neely ($10,000)

(correction from The Reporta: Actually, after reviewing the info, Pat Cleary takes the prize for highest single contribution - Blue Lake Rancheria for $20,000. )

Gallegos is going big in the race, spending well beyond his current means. It’s a gamble that may pay off in the General Election, but it could also be a hefty debt if that battle heats up, which it probably will. In the current cycle, he raked in $11,127 in contributions, most notably $1,500 from Humboldt Hydroponics, $500 from {yougofree.com}Jeffrey Schwartz, and $300 from the Humboldt Patient Resource Center, and spent $11,225. He took out another $3,000 loan and spent cash mostly on salaries, polling data, and credit card bills.

Allison Jackson raised $2,703 and spent $28,166. She took out her first loan in the race to the tune of $10,500. She got a $1,000 from Paradise City Publications, in Arcata, and paid off $12,656 in expense debt.

Election campaign money continues to trickle in

Added: No word on Gallegos heavily amended reports?


  1. The real story is that Meg Whitman has already spent 100 million dollars. In a Governor's race.

  2. You sure Bonnie received a single donation of 10,000 dollars this period? She only raised a total of 14,000? I suspect that's a typo?

  3. I'll have to see what it is he is referring to - year-to-date or this reporting period? Is the ten grand yet another tribal donation?

  4. The Times-Standard article does not add much, and they leave out most of Gallegos' debt, which is significant, according to the number at the Reporta. I don't see a $10,000 donation to Neely this go 'round - but I guess we will have to wait for more.

    Maybe Hank'll post them all in their entirety again.

  5. Don't you think it is odd that Allison Jackson's Facebook page features Ryan Sundberg?

    Allison Jackson is a strong anti-crime campaigner. That's why I have been supporting her against Gallegos.

    Yet Ryan Sundberg drove at .16 blood alcohol level and concealed it from the public while he asked them to vote for him in the most recent Fifth District primary election.

    Have you asked Allison about this apparent contradiction? How can she be anti-crime and yet associate herself with a candidate who not only risked the lives of others while he drove under the influence of alcohol at twice the legal limit, but who also concealed it from the voters?

  6. The reference to "record holders" is for the election cycle, not the current disclosure period, including Bonnie's figure.

  7. Actually, after reviewing the info, Pat Cleary takes the prize for highest single contribution - Blue Lake Rancheria for $20,000.

    I'm fixing that on my post now.

  8. Evidently you don't know that facebook puts ads on every site when the advertiser pays for it. Happens you don't have control, Facebook does. Hotels, businesses of all sorts. That's how Facebook makes money. Reporta and Rose, what's with the huge money from the 2 casinos? Seems like they dumped over 70 thousand into the primaries. (Neeley, Cleary, Gallegos and Brooks) That's doesn't seem above board given who and what these folks are running for. Not that its wrong but these aren't individual donations and it looks really bad.

  9. Rose
    Someone should dig deeper into Gags "loans". Many of his supporters don't want to end up on a donor list because of the way they get their money and they have pockets full of cash. It would not be a stretch to donate cash to a candidate that they then use for day to day expenses and then take a "loan" from their own accounts.

  10. Yeah, well, there have been unsubstantiated(able) reports on him for every election so far. No one will look into it, no one has any way to look into it, and no one will do anything about it even if.

    Therefore there's no point. He considers himself untouchable, and in a way, he is.

    Don't you know it is all just people picking on him and it is all just political shenanigans?

  11. "Many of his supporters don't want to end up on a donor list because of the way they get their money and they have pockets full of cash."

    Oh give it a rest.The same could have been said for Terry Farmer,or more likely Roger Rodoni.How about trying to stick to pertinent issues and the duties and job performance of the D.A. in order to oust him,instead of beig stuck on unprovable innuendo?

  12. I keep hoping that mresquanie will give it a rest, you are not as bright as you think you are Mark.

    If it comes down to job performance Mr. Gallegos is on his way out. And hopefully Bonnie goes with him.

  13. Is it true that PVG now claims to have "established" the sex crimes prosecution unit and the DV unit?
    Doesn't he mean "extinguished"? Can he seriously claim to have established CAST? (CAST was handbuilt by Rob Wade under Terry Farmer, last staffed effectively by Jackson and Isaac, who were replaced by Gallegos with Yougo. Yes, Yougo. WELL DONE PAUL. How'd that work for you?). As for the DV unit, remember when PVG was "weaning the county off grants? That was when he LOST the DV grant.

  14. He claims he invented the internet too.


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