Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sheriff deputies released to full duty


After a thorough review of the investigation, Sheriff Gary Philp determined the officers involved in the shooting of Robert Garth did not violate any Sheriff’s Office policy or procedure, and has returned the officers to full duty.

Both officers have been released to regular duty effective 08-13-2010. The decision to release the officers to full duty status was made after a thorough evaluation of the physical evidence, officer statements and several witness statements, which were taken by investigators.

The officers involved in the shooting were veteran Deputy Dave Lundie, 7 years, and Deputy Sheriff John Fomasi.

Upon completion of the case including the autopsy and toxicology, the case will be forwarded to the District Attorneys Office for their review.


  1. We love Lundie. Wish him the best. Our hearts go out to him and the others officers.

  2. Rose, are you involved in Allison Jackson's campaign? If so, how are you involved exactly?

  3. Jackson has kept Rose at arms-length due to the tabloid nature of this blog. It shows good judgment on her part, to not sink to such a level.

  4. Its anon day at the blog.

    Officers involved very good folks. Hope they get though this all ok mentally.

    Rose blog is very factual in comparison to most blogs here in Humboldt.

    Progy's sure hate the truth.

    connect the dots

  5. If Allison Jackson is depending on Rose to help get her elected, she doesn't stand a chance. Unless, of course, elections can be won by using the "cut and paste" function off the Times Standard website.

  6. 8:58, smells like you are worried. You should be because Gags is finally on his way out. Jackson is probably depending on good judgment and the peopLe of Humboldt to get elected instead of dope money and corruption like Gallegos. Everyone I know are done with the current DA.

  7. HAhaha Rose is stupid AND lazy.

  8. 7:18 you are nasty and scared as all hell. Hahaha back at you. Is that you Richard?

  9. 7:18, Rose has more brains, work ethic and class than you and all the proggie manipulators put together.

    8:04 I don't think 7:18 is Slimey Dick Salzman. While he's no fan of Rose shining a light on his wayward antics, he tends to be more extravagent in his (and his dog's) postings.

  10. Salzman? Richard Salzman? That is so 2004. Can't Rose and her gang come up with any new scapegoats?

  11. 2004? Now that's funny especially since he had his ugly mug on the front page of the TS with Gags election night June 2010. Especially since the big S has been calling and either trying to call in favors or screaming at folks who won't support our idiot DA this time. Salzman is not a scapegoat, he's just nasty, bitter and an exposed liar. (Maybe why he identifies so much with Gags who knows).