Friday, August 06, 2010

open question

Trinidad planning commissioner resigns; no word yet on investigation into Tsurai Village tree-cutting

...The Humboldt County Sheriff's Department submitted a final report of the incident to the District Attorney's Office, which has not said if it will pursue charges in the matter....

Brings to mind Gallegos' quote on his Sean Marsh persecution. "It's not the crime of the century..." But Gallegos threw the full weight of the law at Sean Marsh for letting his kid walk a couple of steps in front of him in Ferndale. Hardly an egregious act. So what will he do?

Rock and a hard place here. The "tough on crime" meme Gallegos' campaign has been trying to portray implies swift and decisive action "without fear or favor."


  1. Come on Paul. These trees were cut illegally and those that hired the tree company knew it.

  2. How do you know Tom Sebourn? How?

    I doubt if you actually know. Your kind has to learn the difference between your opinion and factual information.

  3. I read a letter from the tree cutter.
    He claimed he asked (the woman)a couple times if she was SURE she wanted him to keep cutting. Others have said this tree guy is experienced and trustworthy. It just looks to me like we got some more 'special' rich folk who dont care about trees or someone elses land.

  4. "special rich folk", ah that's very discriptive.


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