Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Crime? I'm down with that.

Paul Gallegos' new campaign slogan.


  1. Ok I admit I am baffled. Is this supposed to be a witty remark, a link to some new development, or what?

  2. Just trying to be helpful. Did you read the paper today? He's going to have to make lemonade out of that colossal lemon that was his last campaign claim.

    "Did I say crime is down because of me? Who wrote THAT?! I meant I'm down with crime. Peace. Out."

  3. Crime, he'll go down wit dat!

  4. well, I read that he's getting big donations from dope growers and defense lawyers. Go ahead, Humboldt, elect, as your chief prosecutor, the guy openly beloved by dopers and their lawyers. You've done it before, now do it again.

  5. It is pretty telling when you read the list of Paul's largest supporters.

    And that doesn't count the SoHum fundraisers.

    Why would any Humboldt County resident (the kind that don't make their living in part or completely from illegal activity) vote for Paul??? He is buddy buddy with some really slimy defense attorneys and more.

    What ever happened to Paul giving the deputy DA's civil service status? Didn't he say he would do that (several years ago)??. As it is he can still fire any Deputy DA "at will". Which of course means Deputy DA's have to walk the Gag' party line closely or risk being fired.

    Change is often times a good thing and Humboldt County needs a change in the DA's office. The only reasonable choice is to vote for A. Jackson.

  6. Another tweaker tried to kill another citizen today. Robert Garth ended up being shot after a rampage. Its not safe to live here anymore.


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