Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The DA of San Luis Obispo got it right!

District Attorney Gerry Shea resigning so DA-elect Dan Dow can assume the post. - The Tribune
District Attorney Gerry Shea will step down two months before his current term expires and allow newly elected District Attorney Dan Dow to take over early.

“I’m really convinced it’s in the best interest of the office to do this,” Shea said, noting that there are many significant policy and hiring choices that Dow should be allowed to make sooner rather than later.
Sadly, it looks like our particular train wreck will continue into January.


  1. I think the Humboldt office is in more of a crisis stage and a bigger debacle than anyone knows. They literally have so few attorneys and fewer yet who have abilities and experience that like in Littlefield, they are assigning large and complex cases to inexperienced attorneys who have never seen the file. The DAs office is hiring. Why doesn't Paul hire Maggie so she can at least help out on these issues. She should be trampling through the door to make that happen. There is no reason. This article talks about the smoothness of the transition apparently in SLO, as opposed to the train wreck of Humboldt. Just disgusting!

  2. But the SLO situation has important distinctions. The SLO DA is retiring at age 66- PVG probably needs money more than the SLO guy. The SLO winner is already in the office, so it's easier for him to step into the corner office. It would have been in the public interest if, when he announced he was not seeking re-election, Mr. Gallegos had announced his intention to step down on, say, August 1, so that all the candidates would have known that they needed to be ready to do the job on that date, and the Supes would have been ready too. But, that might not have been in Mr. G's interest. Is there yet word on what his next step will be?

  3. His next step is as follows: He will run the office further into the ground, and create the biggest possible debacle/mess where the employees are fleeing, and Maggie is greeted by crickets, and defense lawyers who all demand trials, and this nice reward will be payback to Maggie for preventing his chosen one from taking thee job. The place is so bad that is just a great time to be a criminal.

    1. His next step is what he has done for 12 years. Do not make this about the election.

      Paul and his handlers finally alienated their base.


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