Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Will he won't he go to trial for the third time?

Timothy Floyd Littlefield's victim will have to keep waiting to see if there will be yet another trial or if appeals court will uphold the second trial jury verdict. - John Chiv/Words Worth

Chiv reports that DDA Luke Brownfield will prosecute the case. What, pray tell, qualifies Luke Brownfield to try a difficult sexual assault case?

Who, in the DA's Office right now, is qualified?


  1. Will Gallegos use this case to have Maggie keep him in the office? It looks that way. Brownfield has got his own trial. As sad as it is, only Gallegos could be qualified to do this case, and only because he has tried it twice. There are other cases, he has his tentacles on. I think there is Jason Warren (Death Penalty), Ferrer and don't forget Limmie Curry, which he has to start right after finishing Lee, which will likely hang. To say this is bordering on the ridiculous is mild. Why doesn't Gallegos bring Maggie into the office right now to start hand-offs and transitions on these big cases? She should want that and so should he.

  2. Elan is qualified.

  3. Firpo looks "qualified" in Humboldt. There are plenty of counties where she would be lucky to have a job as a level 2 misdemeanor deputy on probation. Gallegos hire, Gallegos "trained", Gallegos attitude.

  4. Many attorneys, in their innocence, hearing about problems here, but believing it couldn't possibly be that bad, came here and took jobs.

    Remember that there used to BE people in those senior positions.No one expected that they'd suddenly find themselves thrust into the void left as Gallegos shed senior prosecutors.

    They found themselves in impossible circumstances. Some rose to the occasion. Elan Firpo is one of the ones who did just that, and took on the most difficult cases. It's trial by fire for her, and others in that office.

    You can criticize, but you must also acknowledge - she has earned her stripes and will be an asset to the office.

    In my opinion.

  5. In your opinion, everyone else has to acknowledge? No, not hardly.

    1. Anonymous and no one needs to agree with your opinion.Commenting twice about Elan shows your personal issues.

  6. The Maggie trolls are still out there. I wonder when they are going to get around to planning a transition (Keat and Isaac coming back looks like the sun and substance of it. Isaac is coming back 1/2 time I hear. That will really fix things.


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