Wednesday, September 03, 2014

(Double) Homicide in Fieldbrook UPDATED

Sept 8, 2014
Fieldbrook homicide suspect Jason Michael Arreaga was arraigned in Courtroom 2 today. Due to the three special allegations added to the murder charges, it can affect his penalty. People have not made a decision yet about what penalty to seek. - John Chiv/Words Worth

When the Judge was reading the charges, Arreaga looked down at the floor. Arreaga is charged with two counts of murder, CA Penal Code 187 (a) with special allegations of personally and intentionally discharging a firearm; great bodily injury/death; and a special circumstances under 190.2 (a) which if proven true would result in life without parole or the death penalty being sought.

Fieldbrook double homicide suspect pleads not guilty - KIEM-TV News Channel

(UPDATING) Sheriff’s Office Responding to Suspected Homicide in Fieldbrook - LoCo 3 Sept 3, 2014

UPDATE, 6:57 p.m.: According to scanner traffic, dispatch is calling this a double homicide.

Second update: Fieldbrook homicide investigation confirmed - TS
Updated: Homicide in Fieldbrook - Thadeus Greenson/Journal

Facebook is as good as a news source. "They just said on scanner they know the suspects names and vehicle armed and dangerous." Names are mentioned, I will refrain from posting them until there's confirmation. But apparently it's not in much doubt

Double homicide in Fieldbrook, suspect apprehended - Mad River Union HCSO Press Release 3 Sept 4, 2014


HCSO: Suspect in Fieldbrook double homicide arrested - Times-Standard HCSO Press Release

Victims Named in Fieldbrook Double Homicide, Suspect Arrested on 101 Near Loleta - Andrew Goff/LoCo Sept 4, 2014
At 12:27 this morning, several law enforcement agencies worked together to carefully choreograph a traffic stop on the suspects’ vehicle, which had been spotted traveling on 101 south of Eureka. Audio from the scanner (at the link)
Third Update: Victims identified, arrest in Fieldbrook double homicide - Juniper Rose/Times-Standard

Eureka Police Department Chief Andrew Mills confirmed an EPD detective assisted by deputies took three people into custody in connection with the Fieldbrook double homicide just after midnight, but said the sheriff's office would need to release further details. Sheriff's office Lt. Steve Knight said he could confirm one arrest: Jason Michael Arreaga, 29 years old from Lucerne, California. He said Fieldbrook Road is now open.

According to a sheriff's office release, the first deputy arrived on scene at 5:17 p.m. The deputy immediately learned there were two victims, an adult male, later identified as Harley Wayne Hammers Jr. 37 years old, from Eureka and an adult female, later identified as Angel Robin Tully, 37 years old, from Eureka, both whom had been shot.

Fieldbrook double homicide suspect(s) arrested. Sheriff's office: Eureka residents shot after argument - Juniper Rose/Times-Standard

Hours after a double homicide left the small community of Fieldbrook in shock, a Eureka police officer and Humboldt County Sheriff's Office deputies took three suspects into custody early Thursday morning in Loleta, authorities said.


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  3. N9...but it does have names like the ones above!

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      And btw - I'm also down with many Conservatives - old school conservatives like President Eisenhower or any family farmer or fisherperson who understands it is our responsibility to safeguard our resources for future generations.

  5. Haven't heard any mention of Pot with relationship to this crime, but I haven't been tuned in all day... wouldn't surprise me if it is a factor, but...

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