Tuesday, September 16, 2014

On the difficulty of getting inaccurate information, faulty court schedules and public information.

What you get with no accountability; complaints are ignored - John Chiv/Words Worth

Maybe this is one reason other reporters don't even try to cover the court beat.


  1. Reasonable minds may differ as to what occurred between Chiv and court staff. There are those of us who find the staff and the chain of command to be dedicated, responsive, hard working and well meaning. Everyone has off days. To accuse county employees of mendacity and malfeasance on the "facts" as described by Chiv is . . . assertive. Or, a bit of a hissy fit, depends on one's point of view and one's sense of one's own importance, perhaps.

  2. The Chiv trolls are at it again. Didn't waste time jumping on the attack.

    Anonymous comments lack credibility. Anon criticizes, Chiv exposes.

    Anyone who has been to I street knows this is true.

  3. Pleezzzz.anon @5:21: :.. this sounds like another posting from Chiv herself! It is easy to throw stones at court staff when you have no clue how overworked they are and understaffed. You assume they purposely change the court schedules and such just to annoy you. You do not understand the process and things that affect changes to court calendars.

  4. 8:53 the only sound is your obsession.

    Disgruntled court staffer or a blogger with no site traffic and an axe to grind?

  5. Chiv's problems disappeared in one day, per his rather sparse comment on his website. Not much by way of detail, so those who think the court staff functions pretty well under the circumstances may be not all wrong.

  6. My problems disappeared because the post got attention and I followed up with the appropriate management.

    9:47, 8:53, and 12:56, you are the same person and as pointed out, obsessed with discrediting me and making every thing personal.

    This is a small town so you may not be as anonymous as you think.

    If you think the court staff functions well, you have no clue. Others who work in various capacities in the Courthouse agreed with me, even people who usually disagree.

    If you have the guts, come talk to me face to face. Your agenda with me is personal.

    Are you capable of anything positive besides being a cowardly troll?


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