Monday, September 08, 2014

Fieldbrook homicide suspect arraigned today; special circumstance affects penalty

Jury in Fieldbrook double homicide case second trial finds Arreaga not guilty on both counts - John Chiv/Words Worth 2/25/2016

Fieldbrook homicide suspect Jason Michael Arreaga was arraigned in Courtroom 2 today. Due to the three special allegations added to the murder charges, it can affect his penalty. People have not made a decision yet about what penalty to seek. - John Chiv/Words Worth

When the Judge was reading the charges, Arreaga looked down at the floor. Arreaga is charged with two counts of murder, CA Penal Code 187 (a) with special allegations of personally and intentionally discharging a firearm; great bodily injury/death; and a special circumstances under 190.2 (a) which if proven true would result in life without parole or the death penalty being sought.

Fieldbrook double homicide suspect pleads not guilty - KIEM-TV News Channel 3

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  1. I hope he goes to trial AFTER Paul is gone.

  2. Anonymous, I wholeheartedly agree.

  3. Well of course he will go to trial after Paul is gone. Along with Ferrer, Warren, Curry, Littlefield and according to John Chiv apparently Eddie Lee. It boggles the mind that Fleming is not in there now dealing with all of these disasters. Did she not want too? Having to deal with these cases and probably Firpo's cases as well will be an unmitigated disaster and will cast the dye (badly) for her term

  4. 6:44 Paul is prosecuting Eddie Lee right now. Maggie is the District Attorney Elect and she cannot just march in before her term and try cases.

    As much as the rest of us would like that possibility. Firpo just won a victory in the Tree case. You seem to have personal animosity towards Firpo. That is your issue.

    Do not sully the rest of us with your opinion.

  5. Dear 644, Ms. Fleming's term does not begin until January, and she has absolutely no authority or standing in any criminal case until after she is inaugurated. Mr. Gallegos is and will be the DA until then. So yes, she will inherit a disaster, unless she comes to her senses and resigns on Day one.


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