Saturday, September 06, 2014


Cyberattacks LIVE

Hold the cursor over the map, see all the attacks. -

Have fun.


  1. How did the Republican gathering go?

    1. Such interest in the Republican party recently lib jon? Are you considering switching teams?


      I'm simply hoping the Republicans can grow up. Let go of their Reagan fantasy and wealth as their primary constituency.

      If/when they do, they will within a couple of election cycles again be competitive in California and HumCo.

    3. Liberal Jon, you have a lot of opinions about local politics. For someone who has not been a part of any campaign team, especially for a candidate who won, don't preach about local politics.

  2. Jon, it was a great event, very interesting people. You would have enjoyed it, I think. Maybe next time :)

    You would learn something. Especially about YOUR wealth fantasy there.

  3. Thanks Rose. I would have loved it. I love going to Tea Party meetings too. Debate - debate - debate. If one's ideas can't stand up to debate and political back-and-forth, one should re-think their ideas - or - the rhetorical foundation of their ideas.

    Anon: as a supporter and canvasser the person I've supported has won 1 of 2. I hope and expect that number to go up this Fall. I won't be a campaign insider, simply a public supporter. But I thought the former was what this blog was partially about fighting. Insider hush-hush politics.

    2:18. Don't forget, politics should be about the polis, the people, not the insiders.


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