Friday, April 04, 2014

FANTASTIC!!! Yay Chris!

Kerrigan (or "R. Trent" Salzman on his behalf) answered the question at LoCo.
When referring to my 2004 city council race, I mistakenly mentioned that Rex Bohn spent upwards of $150,000 to defeat me. I apologize for the error. In fact, only $85,000 was reported through his actual campaign committee. The remaining $65,000 that I referred to was from the Eureka Coalition for Jobs, an unknown special interest attack group. Unfortunately, we will never know the exact amount of money spent because, in violation of the law, they did not disclose who paid for the attack ads or how much was spent.

The language in my fundraising letter should have stated “Remember when Rex Bohn and his allies spent upwards of $150,000 to defeat me on the City Council and failed?” Thank you for the opportunity to set the record straight.
NOW - let's get down to brass tacks, Chris. Let's have Richard Salzman show that you mean what you say. Lead by example, ok... let's see the financial disclosures of your apparent campaign manager Richard Salzman's various 'special interest attack groups,' Start with the so-called "Alliance For Ethical Business."

Liberaljon seems to think it is still active. Is it? Where did the money come from, Chris/Richard? How was it spent? Who, if anyone, gave the woman the grand to pay for a hit piece on Roger Rodoniback in the day? Chris - since we're going to relive history - I am SO glad you brought this up.

Are you planning similar hit pieces in this election?

PS: We'll get to all Salzman's other groups, too, right, Chris?

You do condemn this, right, Chris, is that the takeaway from your response?

"Balls to the wall! The original meetings for the recall were held at Bonnie's house. She was the driving force from day one. Bring her down now."
The AEB's agenda
"5. Organize ourselves politically to accrue power, groom folks to run for offices. Database, outreach, etc.

6. Get rid of Tom Herman on the planning commission thanks to Rodoni, he has been central to all of PL's fraudulent activities and is therefore vulnerable to public outcry. This is a powerful position."

Yes. Let's finally have this discussion.

There's more, of course.

But you can SURE see the same old battle is still being fought, can't you Chris?


  1. this makes no sense

  2. It doesn't make sense to you?

    Shall we go though it step by step?

  3. Yes please, since this doesn't make too much sense to me either.

  4. Very gracious of you Rose.

    ...Thanks for the clarification, now I have more issues from 1898 for you to clarify.

    Get to those the we might start our policy difference on, say, the New Deal.

    Not a partisan double standard at all. Because local elections are not about politics, dontcha know.

    I keep hoping to find some substance here, but you are simply being conservative Rose, and being as partisan as I am. You just can't say it.

  5. liberaljon, stfu. Kerrigan/Salzman is the one who brought up the past.

    MOLA - baby steps. You know, of course, that Kerrigan ran for City Council in 2004, wasn't it.

    And, as is the case with every candidate who gets in bed with Salzman, the campaign turned nasty. Do you remember the scandal over Salzman's attack on Rex Bohn? (If you don't, you can read back a couple of posts, since it is posted here)

    Do you accept that as a fact, yes, or no?

  6. Does STFU stand for SHUT THE FUCK UP?

  7. How NASTY of you

  8. just checked out Chris's website! Sort of lame. Lacking substance.

  9. No offence taken anon. Rose, we are cool. I enjoy passion for politics and don't mind anger at all. Definitely not "nasty" especially with all the baloney I see anon's posting here.

    Here's the thing. If you can maintain a passionate but respectful conversation and debate. Be optimistic, intelligent and enjoy yourself, I think people will listen.

    It does Rose absolutely no good to get angry politically, but I do think as readers and even an electorate we need to tolerate and even encourage passion.

    I'm speaking specifically of the Howard Dean scream. He was obviously a little miffed that night and the right wing helped destroy what little chance he had left in the Democratic primary after that scream. I think thats the year we ended up with Kerry.

    Local conservatives also do the same thing here and I'm not going to bother bringing up an example.

    The point is, we are human, and anger is a natural and proper response to much of politics. I'm angry with the continued status quo development pattern of exurbs and suburbs when it's so clear we need to go back to the future with 1890's style development. So I channel my passion into doing what I can to advocate and promote smart growth.

    Lots of love Rose, and anon's please, please, please think about using your real name.

  10. I love how how Rose believes that Ken Miller paid $65,000 for mailers attacking a candidate he supported. And on top of that , he hired Rob Arkley's Sacramento based lawyers to do the deed.

  11. Does Rose even warmed to the idea of evolution yet??


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