Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Celebrity DA Candidates

◼ Ryan Hurley discovered Dollison: the WikiLeak Dossier

If campaigns for public office are really just popularity contests in disguise, hardscrabble Humboldt County district attorney candidate Allan Dollison holds an intriguing — if potentially troublesome — advantage over his more monied opponents.

While none of the four candidates for the office is so illustrious as to command his or her own Wikipedia page — the gold standard of Web notoriety — Mr. Dollison's WikiLeaks trove serves as a provocative substitute. Diplomatic cables published to the site disclose that a then-Army Capt. Dollison organized and led Afghani judges and tribal officials in a conference focused on patching together a functioning justice system in the beleaguered nation. An impressive credential, no doubt....

Arnie Klein and The Twilight Zone Case "The North Coast Journal sent me several questions, one of which was "What's your favorite book?" It reminded me of the book Special Effects that covered the Twilight Zone disaster case. I was a defense attorney in that trial when I had much more hair The whole defense team, including me, is pictured here."


  1. And he had his photo taken with Angelina Jolle

  2. I wish he wasn't an ambulance chaser. Deal breaker!


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