Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Bodhi Tree Trial Begins: Defense and prosecution to finish jury selection

The trial for double murder suspect Bodhi Tree began Monday morning as both the prosecution and defense ironed out the details of how the trial will proceed. - News Channel 3 video at the link.

Jury selection has begun and is expected to be finished in the upcoming weeks. Opening statements for the trial are expected to start in mid April.

Jury selection in Bodhi Tree case to start tomorrow, expected to take at least two weeks - John Chiv/Words Worth

Then the jury selection process for jurors and alternates will begin. There really is not much to report on until the jury is selected and opening statements are given. I will be there in court each day just to observe the process and report if anything develops....

There was some discussion today about certain motions being discussed confidentially and what individual jurors will be questioned privately. For certain motions which were discussed today, the courtroom was closed so that the evidentiary issues being discussed would not be reported and affect the potential jury pool.

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