Friday, April 25, 2014

Berkowitz: One On One With Elan Firpo

This morning I spoke with Elan Firpo who is running for District Attorney of Humboldt County. She spoke of her qualifications, and her priorities in the office if elected. Public safety and prosecuting violent crime are at the top for her. Some high profile plea bargains are also discussed. - Lost Coast Outpost


  1. On Access Humboldt, why did Firpo just claim to be an attorney for 8 years? She did not qualify in 2006. Why is she lying? She qualified in late 2008, didn't she?

    Also, why isn't she giving us her full resume? Company name, term of employment, duties, and title. I want it all from 1993 when she graduated from San Luis, to 2009 when she started prosecuting. If she is claiming to be this incredible high profile manager, then why are we not getting more details?

    And why did she graduate college in 1993? She is 47. She must have graduated HS in 1984 or 1985 at the latest. Why did it take her 8-9 years to get a degree?

    Also, what does traveling the globe have to do with working with folks in Humboldt County to keep us safe? I want a real lawyer, pretty please. Not a newbie lawyer who has figured out that she is not making enough money.

    Is it just me or is something not right here?

  2. MAYBE It's just you. Not everyone has the money to go to school full time all four years, People who work their way through often take longer, People who work first and then go to school might take longer to finish. Their education is just as valid. Maybe more so, because of the dedication it shows.

  3. So, Rose, she gets a pass on having said she's been a lawyer for 8 years, when the
    simple truth is, it will be 6 years next month. You don't see any issue there? No character flaw? No red flag? No admission that the truth, 6 years (almost) just doesn't really sound that positive?
    Well, ok. Wonder what you'd say if Paul fudged a fact or two?

  4. Are you saying we should see all the college transcripts? All the job-performance reviews? You want W-2's? Tax returns?

    For every candidate?

    At EVERY LEVEL right?

  5. Or wonder if Flemming did? You want a list of them? Did fleming misspeak or lie? You really want to go down That road? Well ok. In front of the conservatives she is anti pot. In front of the pot heads she is only big grows. She is so non transparent. The grand jury said she ran cast into the dust as a prosecutor who only had a role to solely charge cases and didn't manage anyone. Want to talk about what she's done with county counsel? I don't think any of candidates ought to be throwing stones and certainly not their zealot supporters

  6. I didn't address the number of years - just the college completion date.

    Maybe she should have called herself a "Professor." I hear that's what it takes to get elected around here.

    I don't have a problem with you asking the questions - but you imply you have the answers - if you do, then by all means go public with them.

    ANONYMOUS sniping is not the way to do it. How would you feel if this had been an anonymous blog against Paul? That would not have been right.

  7. How long did it take Chris Kerrigan to finish College? 14 years? (He has apparently graduated from HSU. Should we grill him about that? Should we grill him about leaving CR out of his resume now?

    No. A lot of other things, maybe, but not that.

    Even if he had taken down a LINKED IN page where he did claim his CR attendance, it would not be nefarious.

  8. I was not implying anything about the time it took. It was more that I wanted to know what she was doing between HS and college. If it was working to save every penny then fine. If it was not, then what was it? But we, the county who is voting, have a right to know.

    Also, I do not think you can stand up for her saying 8 years when it was not even 6 years. That is a lie. Even she knows that she doesn't have enough experience so that she is padding her years as an attorney.

    Rose, do you not think it is wrong for her to say 8 years when it is not even 6 years?

  9. Oh god...take a breath 2 pm. If you blow a gasket every time a candidate mis-speaks you will stroke out and die before election day.

  10. No, my health is good. Thank you for your concern. It was not a misspeak. It was a lie. Bold-faced.

    Like two more years would give her the requisite experience any way. She is a newbie attorney who wants to take over the county. Yikes!

  11. You should know about lies. Happens every time you open your mouth.

    You can see spin the same question.
    Facts about experience are there for voters decide.

    The office needs someone who can relate outside the courthouse world.

    Who has the most supporters inside the courthouse?

  12. The courthouse?

    You mean in the place where all the candidates have worked and where people can see the day in and day out hard work and demonstration of each of those candidates' expertise?

    I do not want someone in bed with Timber or Green Diamond. I want someone who can do the job...regardless of private interests.

  13. Finally got Firpo's resume in NCJ! Exciting.

    Not sure though if she was an Engineer when she worked at PG&E. I thought she graduated in does she get to be an engineer before that?

    Help needed here people. Don't you need to have an engineering degree before you get to be an engineer? Or did she get her degree sooner than 1993?

    I do not want to misjudge this.

    But regardless, she is brand new to Humboldt and brand new to the law. Not the best choice.

  14. 8:51 the only one in bed is Fleming with law enforcement, county counsel, elected officials and her friends.

    She is power hungry. Lies better than Pinochio. Her nose was growing in today's debate frame by frame.

    Second to Klein, of course.

    And your attitude is typical of smug Maggie and her supporters.

    You can do anything and get away with it. Screw the people.

  15. If Fleming were power hungry, she would have ran for DA many years ago when people were begging her to...not put in 20 years of public service.

    If she was power hungry she would have ran after being here for only 5 years...whoops, sorry, Ms. Firpo.

  16. Hey 851, way to stay positive. Oink. Oink. How's the mud down there?


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