Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Your first time

LoCo missed this one

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  1. Greetings Rose,

    Thanks for the post and thank you for being upfront about the chasm between you and me (or left and right) by posting this. (I think it will help if I use your language instead of mine. Oh, and not for a meeting of the minds, the goal is to have a civil conversation about (mostly) policy differences. )

    I've been interested in politics since my college daze. I was at UCD and Rush was getting his start in Sacramento. I've seen that consequential man buttress and then maintain the Reagan revolution whose goal was to decimate FDR's America and return to the roaring '20's.

    I have been a student of what Rush and the right do to maintain their power. Sometimes some of my meta-observations are quite random and maybe not supportable, but, hey, this is the comment zone - here is one...

    Have you ever noticed the difference on either side of the chasm of ... humor? I think this is a simple, approachable way for many who don't want to get involved in what many see as a political food-fight to understand the differences between the two sides. (yes sides, yes, two)

    Here is my theory, conservative theory contantains large doses of hatefulness which is quite evident in the demeaning caricature of a gay male in this clip. Liberals in general cannot tolerate this. Yes, in small doses hatefulness probably rears it's ugly head even in liberal-based humor, but not as a consistent theme - and not mainstream. (Having said that, I know there are exceptions - I for one don't watch them - nor would I ever post them)

    I'm sure you would counter that Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert or any of the innumerable non-FOX comedies that have liberal themes of inclusion and how we are more alike than different are actually hateful toward conservatives.

    Possibly, but I would distinguish this. a) I don't think there is much humor based solely on a right of center world view, more on inherent paradoxes or when a conservative says one thing and does another. Also, John and Steven will call out Dems and liberals when they do the same. Also, usually the humor is not about the person or an innate quality, but a person's political views or policy recommendations. There seems to be a difference.

    If for example, a liberal host is making fun of a Catholic just for being a Catholic, that would be wrong (imho). If you pay attention, Colbert will poke fun at Catholics quite a bit. The thing is, he is a devout life-long Catholic whose love for his Church and upbringing so often comes out if you pay attention.

    Anyway just a quick thought on what I see as a very clear statement of our positions on opposite sides of the chasm. And thank you for being clear about your partisanship, even if you can't type it in words.


    Have a wonderful (rainy) day! Jon

    58% of normal and counting?!? Common rain, keep coming!


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