Wednesday, April 30, 2014

KEET-TV DA Candidate Forum: Open Thread

KEET-TV (Ch. 13) and The League of Women Voters of Humboldt County 2014 Candidate Forum Tonight: 7:00 P.M.


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This is the big one.

The number to call, if you want to call in a question, is 445-0811


  1. No comments from the Maggie brigade. Guess even her supporters cant fix the train wreck that was her debate appearance last night.

  2. I agree about Fleming.

    Klein was impressing me but the personal attacks turned me off and him going off on tangents in his answers.

    Dollison got my attention but Firpo was the clear winner.

  3. Dollison and Firpo are my two choices now.

    If you told me I would be saying that 4 months ago I would have laughed you out of the room.

  4. I thought it was a good forum. Each candidate gave at least one answer that I agreed with.
    My impressions...
    For me, Klein came out on top. I liked his answers and he seemed the most comfortable and sure of himself.
    Fleming sounded good. There is never anything objectionable about her.
    Firpo definitely studied up but I didn't learn anything new about her or her ideas for the DA's office.
    Dollison said a couple things I found interesting but he was clearly very nervous and that didn't help him come across as someone who could be an effective leader.
    Again, just my personal impressions.
    I also really enjoyed today's North Coast Journal cover story about all four candidates. I encourage everybody to read it.

  5. Anon were the first to post so why would there be comments from the "Maggie Brigade"?

    I think that there have been an inordinate amount of DA Forums this year.

    However, in all of those, we cannot solve the bar record (aka propensity to lie) of Dollison or the fatal lack of experience of Firpo.

    She is a good new deputy alright. Only in Humboldt would a brand new lawyer rise to Sr. Felony Prosecutor so fast. She is the only one left.

    No matter how she performs on TV or doesn't perform on TV, she is not yet ready for prime time.

    1. I see no such propensity for a newbie screwup 20 years ago when the guy has clearly been stand up for 20 years. Also don't see your lack of experience regarding
      Firpo as that office needs a manager and she looks to have plenty of that.

  6. Arnie is the guy I would love to have as DA but can't. Straight shooter nothing to loose. Seen it all.
    Elan had some good moments but cannot hide her inexperience.
    Allen said he was so proud of himself so many times I am not sure he actually believes it.
    Maggie seems to be the most prepared to take on the role of our next DA.

  7. Maggie Fleming has institutional Democrat backing, union backing, County Counsel and law enforcement backing and tons of money poured into her campaign by these groups. Too much power behind her.

    Maggie has suddenly become enlightened on marijuana. She is only prepared when she has a script. The groups backing her want control and think their money will push her into victory.

    Arnie Klein is liked by a few people who think theatrics is law. He is unprofessional, a loudmouth and does not have people skills. He would be a puppet for his few attorney friends and young District Attorney employees who have no clue what a work ethic means.

    Allan Dollison does not have to keep apologizing for past mistakes. He explained 2006 and the past. Can people get over his past. Time will tell.

    Elan Firpo may not have the years of experience her detractors want but they are selective in what cases they chose to cite as examples. The Times Standard article on 4/30 was a case Elan Firpo prosecuted.

    She has sensible approaches, specific solutions , gets along with people and is the only one who has the management experience to get grant and private funding.

    Arnie Klein's ego does not allow him to quit. He had opportunities to exit. Maggie Fleming's ego does not allow her to imagine anyone else as District Attorney.

    Maggie Fleming can read a script. That does not translate into successfully turning an office around.

    If Maggie Fleming was so prepared, she should have announced her candidacy before she knew Paul Gallegos was not running.

    Take away the lawyer and courthouse endorsements and supporters, then see which candidate has supporters left. Then make your choice. If people want justice done, pick someone who is not a law enforcement or lawyer crony.

  8. Allan also never says "I went to the office" or " I did my job" or "Paul assigned me the case, so I did it". No, no, he always says " I stood up for justice" like he's some kind of lone crusader. Whoopdedoo, every lawyer in the criminal justice system, prosecutors and defenders, "stands up for justice". Without dislocating a shoulder patting themselves on the back.

    1. No some stand up for justice and also earn a living.

      Others just collect a government paycheck or profit from vague laws and people's misfortune.

  9. You had me until the attack con dollison. To me the decision is between firpo and dollison and it will be made by continuing to listen to them.

  10. Firpo gets along with who? Not the lawyers or officers in the DA's office. They cannot stand her

  11. Then she has my vote. The current lawyers and investigators in that office need someone to make them work and not come in late, leave early, plea bargain cases right and left and cruise old town at 11 a.m. hoorah.

    1. 6:59 I agree with you except for the word all. It is a select few.

      6:25 is one of those few lawyers or investigators. And they have one common factor. Firpo's biggest critic and a current candidate for DA.

      Who has relentlessly criticized Firpo and attacked any Firpo supporter in a personal manner.

      You speak from the perspective of someone who works inside or closely with DA's office.

      It is about time that someone who knows exposed the inner politics of that office.

      It is about time people saw where the anonymous attacks are coming from and why.

      It is good to see people who work with all four start to tell the public facts they do not learn in debates.

  12. Plea deals? Do you recall People v Ferrer? Or are our memories that short?

    Firpo tried to give that case away so SHE would not have to work.

    Is it that hard to do a preliminary hearing?

    Then THROUGH HER CAMPAIGN she trashed the victim. AND she gave false information in that inappropriate campaign release. She failed to include the knife enhancement and made it seem like Ferrer would automatically get the low term.

    No way am I voting for someone that self centered.

  13. Do you recall any other plea deal besides Ferrer?

    You keep harping about this one case while ignoring other cases, other plea deals.

    The case most likely will go to trial again.

    Hopefully, for the sake of all involved, it will not be used again by smoke and mirrors Klein for his non-campaign.

    No way am I voting for Klein. He made a mockery of this tragedy by making it a media circus for his benefit.

    The people only have three other choices in this District Attorney Race. Pick one of those candidates.

  14. There was a DA debate in SoHum last night.

    Interesting. Firpo stated that she had 6 years prosecutorial experience when it has only been 5, and of that 5 only 31/2 to 4 is as a felony deputy.

    20 years of relevant experience became 20 years management experience by the end of the debate. She hasn't managed anything in the last 9 years.

    She is very polished but, if you do the sums, it doesn't add up.

  15. And you trying to prop up either Fleming or Klein isn't working. I am not sure which of the other 2 I will vote for but I won't support the above 2 due to the tone of the I campaigns. 3 of the candidates have about equal time being lawyers so that's not a big difference. All 4 work or worked a significant time propping up the current corrupt and inept d.a. so again all an equal strike against them. 3 don't have any management skills. 1 has had past bar problems as a new attorney bit the remaining 3 have current or recent credibility issues. I am not concerned about your minor nitpicking 11:32. Klein and Flemming have much more to answer for me to consider them.

  16. 12:17 brings up an issue that I hope has filtered down to the voters.

    With Klein it has, with Fleming I hope it has and continues to so that on June 3 Maggie Fleming realizes that the tone and tactics of her campaign lost her votes. And hopefully this election.

    She has made poor choices and needs to lose to get a wake up call that selling out and being arrogant has consequences.

    This from someone who had respect for Maggie Fleming before she ran for election.

  17. 11:26 You didn't even know Maggie before the election and you sure do not know her now if you think she is arrogant.

    She is the antithesis of arrogant as everyone knows who knows her. She just knows her stuff.

    However, in the political arena, she is not a politician - but isn't that exactly what we need?

    1. 3:03 you don't know me or who I know.

      Amusing that if Maggie is the best choice, why is it only her supporters stacking comments on the blog.

      If she is going to clearly win, you would not need so much convincing.

  18. today's TS

    Why I support Maggie Fleming for DA

    I have been an attorney for 34 years. I began my career as a deputy district attorney in another county and came to Humboldt County in 1984 serving as chief assistant district attorney in the 1980s and '90s. Since leaving public service, I have practiced law as a partner in one of Humboldt County's oldest firms. I have both prosecuted and defended through jury trial everything from DUI cases through homicides.

    I am familiar with the candidates running for district attorney, and have been saddened by the negative and nasty tone of the anonymous commentary and mud-slinging these candidates, all good people, have been subjected to. The level of negativity is beneath the dignity of the office. Each of the candidates deserves our respect for their desire to serve, and our gratitude for subjecting themselves to the personal, financial, and professional sacrifice associated with candidacy for this important public office.

    My message is simple and positive. I support Maggie Fleming to be our next district attorney because she is quite clearly the best qualified candidate. In terms of experience, judgment, ethics and integrity, I know from my experience Maggie Fleming is an exceptional choice.

    Truth and competence matter. While I don't always agree with Maggie, I do know that she listens, cares deeply about others, and is vested in doing justice. I have great confidence in her judgment and sense of fairness to do so.

    Please join me in supporting Maggie Fleming to be our next district attorney.

    Michael K. Robinson, Eureka

    1. This from the attorney who defended Randy Cook, a rich child molester.

      Yeah your opinion is a glowing recommendation for Maggie.

  19. So in your world, persons accused of crimes aren't entitled to a competent defense. Yeah, you're a constitutional scholar whose criticism is meaningful.

    1. Anon aka Mike Robinson or another opinionated lawyer.

      Get off your high horse. This is not about objecting to a competent defense.

      Lawyers like Robinson take money from scum like Randy Cook. A poor man or woman wouldn't get the same defense from money hungry lawyers.

      This is about character of a lawyer supporting Maggie Fleming who is supposedly the champion for women and children.

      Maggie has two loser Mikes supporting her. Mike peronally smear Losey and Mike Robinson who tried to smear victims in defending Randy Cook.

      There are lawyers who fight for rich or poor. Robinson is not one of them.

      Maggie Fleming continues to show her poor choice in supporters.


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