Friday, April 25, 2014

Berkowitz: One On One With Maggie Fleming

Maggie answers Cliff’s questions about her experience and plans for the District Attorney’s office on Khum.

She spoke passionately about changing the culture of politics in the DAs office, rebuilding the roster of prosecutors and sticking within legal framework regarding plea cases. Maggie also clears up the confusion that she is related to former Mayor of Eureka, Nancy Flemming. She is not (spelled differently). - Lost Coast Outpost

In the comments: Last week it was ◼ dump on Dollison day.Then Firpo, with a concerted push-back in the comments thread. Now it's Maggie's turn.

There are comments about CAST, similar to comments at ◼ Samoa Softball. CAST, and the Grand Jury Report, and what happened to CAST.

Something that has festered for years is finally coming out. Someone who knows details and is passionate about the topic.

It is time that what Gallegos has done comes out.

Way past time.

Whoever you are - let's talk.

One On One With Elan Firpo
One On One With Allan Dollison
One On One with Arnie Klein


  1. How come no discussion of the homeless tourist ambassador program used to hear great things about. Issue uniform/badge/stipend to skeezy street dudes, shave/shoeshine and this will be the new face of Eureka to tourists. Instead of panhandling, the welcome ambassadors will facilitate good times and unique interfaces for well heel tourists. How come we don't hear about this moving forward.

  2. No clue what you are talking about, 12:43. That's probably why :)

  3. 12:43 What ?!

    Other than that, Maggie Fleming was very impressive. Glad I took the time to watch it.

  4. Did you actually listen to the responses? The non-responses and excuses? Now on to the other candidates to listen. Maybe they will do better.

  5. I just listened to them all/
    Fleming is the most impressive.

  6. How many years has it been since May of 2008? Almost 6, right? I mean, it's not 8, is it?

  7. Hey Firpo did you know that your buddy Matthew Owen has been playing the campaigns against each other. What an upstanding guy you have on your side, it speaks volumes to your character to have him on your side.

    1. Hey 10:38. I am one of the uncommitted right now. But it seems that you are a MF supporter. I am sick with Paul and his hateful cronies. Since it is becoming real apparent that your support of this candidate is a continuation of that. Your candidate is falling lower on my list for June. That along with the fact that she is the only one who remained committed to keeping his incompetent butt in office so long speaks volumes for her lack in character.

  8. Anon 10:47 Maggie was serving the county for the nine years she was there with Paul 2002-2011. She got there in 1994 long before him.

    She was not involved in his campaigns when he ran in 2002, recall in 2004, 2006, or 2010. Elan did support him in the last one as did Allan and Arnie.

    This is fact, not fiction. In addition, Elan has Paul's support now and his sidekick, Richard Salzman too. Facts not fiction.

  9. 10:38 10:47 and 12:04 , all of you make unfounded assertions with maybe a kernel of truth and hope your mud slinging sticks.

    None of you are undecided. Only two campaigns have been vocally anti Firpo. You are from one of those campaigns.

    You will lie, mislead and attack. Anything to win and revive dead campaigns.

    Either Owen is playing all campaigns or he is supporting Firpo. You cannot have it both ways. Neither allegation is the truth but that does not matter to you.

    Elan Firpo has not denied either Paul or Salzman's support. Why do you only bring that up on a conservative blog?

    Let's talk about Maggie's support from Neely and Atkins. Neely is Salzman's buddy. Neely and Salzman want their puppet Chris in office.

    Salzman has his hands full trying to sell Chris to the voters.

    This is nothing but a Neely and Salzman attempt to connect Firpo with Matthew Owen. Could be Losey or Arnie but they do not have the brains; the sleaze factor they all share.

    You can criticize Paul all you want now. Suddenly got the guts? Where have you been for the past two elections?

    Is Maggie telling her Catholic base about her marijuana position and is she is telling the liberal base about her being THE green prosecutor?

    Fact: Maggie only decided to run after she knew Paul would definitely not run.

    Fiction: The Owen-Salzman-Paul red herring.

    Fact: Maggie did not report Sheriff's contributions according to schedule.

    Fact or fiction: Both Maggie and Arnie have friends in the District Attorney's office and private attorneys that benefit from them being elected or have had promises made to them.

    Fact: The personal attacks against Firpo and her supporters and release of personal information irrelevant to the DA's race is from those insiders. So if you want a candidate who is unethical as District Attorney, chose Fleming or Klein. Their entire campaign strategy is personal attacks.

    And since Maggie and Arnie supporters are easy to bait, they will counter back anonymously.

    If you are so confident of your facts, state them publicly. You don't have any worry about libel if you have stated the entire truth, do you?

  10. Rose. It could be that someone sees how dangerously close we are to Electing Maggie. Better late than never right?

    1. Rose. It could be that someone sees we are dangerously close to electing Elan or Allan or Arnie because facts about Maggie are unravelling.

      No actual response to facts above because there are none.

  11. So, we're close to electing Maggie? EXCELLENT!

  12. We're fortunate to have good candidates to choose from. The camps are split in four directions.

    No matter what, you will see improvement.

    There's no need to tear each other down.

    1. Rose but we were just starting to enjoy the pillow fight and can't you tell Maggie is leading!

      Her supporters say so therefore it must be fact.

  13. anon 2:38 PM why don't you "state publicly", your so called facts?

    Fleming has the support of a wide variety of people, some I don't think much of and some that I really like and think are great. It goes to show that Fleming appeals to a wide variety of people. And I think that is a good thing.

  14. Claiming something is a fact does not make it so.

    No response could be because, as has been said

    Arguing with a pig: you both get covered with shit
    But the pig loves it.

    Oink on, piggies, Some of us will stay positive.

  15. Anonymous 6:56 several of those facts have been stated publicly by people who use their names consistently. Have you used your real name ever?

    An anonymous calling on someone else anonymous to go public when they hide behind a screen is hypocrisy and you sound defensive.

    8:19 a.m. not one campaign in this race has stayed completely positive. Your comment comes a from such an "enlightened" mind, pigs are more evolved than you.

    Keep up the "good" work here full-time, it means less time out getting votes.

  16. more oinkery. Pig on.


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