Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Fred's picks: (UPDATED)

The June Ballot, Part 1 (State)
The June Ballot, Part 2 (Local)

The most complete list of candidates so far.

It's also a good reminder to all candidates - get your Smart Voter info up there! You should have a letter with your password.


  1. No letters or passwords as of yet.

  2. Well he might as well have said he was voting republican. Everyone he did select were republican. Even though jerry Brown has done a good job as governor

  3. Everyone he was voting for was Republican. Kelly Sanders and Maggie Fleming will be glad to know they do not pass your Dumbocrat test.

    I have a solution for change. Put all of you intolerants on an island and the rest of us stay and see Humboldt prosper.


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