Friday, June 17, 2011

Worthless spendaholic legislators criticize Governor Brown - and blame Republicans

Humboldt County education officials applaud Brown's veto; fate of redevelopment funds remains a question
Brown vetoes budget: State Controller's Office says fate of lawmakers' paychecks uncertain

”By vetoing the Democrats' plan, I fear that we may go down the same path as in 2009,” she said in a statement. “At that time, then-Gov. Schwarzenegger played a high-stakes game of chicken for several months, but it was the people of this state who lost. ... says spendaholic Sen. Noreen Evans, D-Santa Rosa, who really needs her paycheck to pay for her own car now.

Blame, blame, blame - and taking no responsibility for her role - her and Chesbro both - in bringing the state of California to the brink of bankruptcy.

Worse - with the passage of Prop 25, they are free to continue spending more than they have without getting a 2/3 majority to approve.

"We don't have a spending problem, we have a revenue enhancement problem." (to quote former legislator Patty Berg.) That about sums up their mindset, and the reason why they refuse to deal with the problem.

Fortunately, Jerry Brown is no dummy. Though there's some reason to believe he vetoed the bill for the wrong reason - and he too is still engaged in the blame game.


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