Thursday, June 02, 2011

The Peter Principle

Baykeeper Pete expands his territory


  1. Rose, Check your email for some very interesting information. Clif made a big mistake and got caught. The big question is whether it was intentional or due to ignorance. Of course ignorance of the law is not supposed to be a defense.....

  2. Got it, and thanks. Looks like I got scooped, though.

    Anyway - This is really astounding. How many ethics-training classes has he attended? They go over stuff like this quite explicitly. And there are dozens, if not thousands of boards the Sups split up, he should immediately get off this one and trade it for another where he has no conflict.

    I didn’t watch the Board proceedings today, hopefully he recused himself from any further votes on the Railroad - who knew the Rails are his neighbors.

  3. The Peter Principle. That's actually pretty funny Rose. I wonder if you haven't been waiting to spring that one.


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