Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Speaking of POT busts... What ever happened to Josh Hedlund? And Vilica LLC? And Steve Schectman?

Beyond Vilica, Hedlund and Schectman's relationship is murky. In a letter to the federal probation office, Schectman said he took Hedlund under his wing as a paralegal and a clerk, and even tried to help him gain a State Bar apprenticeship.

However, after pleading guilty, Hedlund told the government that he had moved his office into Schectman's "to protect [my] documents from seizure by federal authorities," according to a DEA affidavit.

Hedlund entered his plea on Feb. 4, 2008, after preparing his holdings for forfeiture. On Feb. 3, Schectman resigned as Vilica's president. Hedlund's sentencing is scheduled for the end of this month; the government is seeking 63 months in prison.

That was Pubdate: Fri, 13 Feb 2009


  1. I hope little Josh got the full 63 months and a million dollar fine or better.

  2. Get this, now Steve Schectman is harassing recently widowed woman after he failed to timely respond to an eviction of her lazy and shiftless stepson in Oakland who has not paid rent and "MOOCHED" of his father & step mom for a few "YEARS" and did so because his father/landlord was suffering from Dementia. What a great son, Right?. when the father and Step mom asked him to start paying some rent every month to help off set some of the medical cost the kid (56 years old) send the step mom a death threat mothers day card. (Is his 12?) Schectman ran up thousands of dollars filing continued outrageous and false claims against her only to loose and now has filed another action against her (Sloppy) as it is now claiming his "Evicted" lazy client owns the property after the father passes. Schectman has no Will, Deed to the property, just says his client owns it. I guess he hopes he can do what he did to Pacific Lumber and just run up attorney fees and a big bill and hope she runs out of money. He didn't even serve her attorney, he served her at home knowing her attorney had just spoken to him two days prior. He still has pending disciplinary actions against him with the State Bar. Pepole are rallying around her to financially support her against Schectman's nonsense claims. He should be disbarred!!!!

  3. So, card carrying member of the Pauliban got off scot free in dope case. Shocking! Self same Paulista continues arrant douchebaggery (as in not paying interns). More Shockery! Oh, by the way, maybe some documentation or linkage would be nice, as opposed to unsupported allegations.

    1. He is (mis) representing a chap named Mario Harper who was evicted by his Father & Step Mother in Oakland, Ca (ALAMEDA COUNTY) in August, Eviction Case #RG14726423. Now in this new case, RG14738074, Schectman makes outrageous allegation such now after the fathers death his client owns thru a Will bequeath but they have no will, never saw one nor any evidence of a bequeath to the dead beat son. He is simply looking for a settlement but will be surprised. As he tries to fall on his own sword because of the major screw ups in the Eviction case he tries to redeem him self but his client has a major claim against him if he so chooses for Schectman's horrible mistakes, procedural errors but they are both looking for a easy payday.


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