Monday, June 20, 2011

Count the lies, spread this time by

Dear ____________

Right now, Humboldt County, California, is home to some of the last remaining old-growth redwoods in the world. Many of Richardson Grove State Park’s trees have survived more than 1,000 years.

But as soon as July 1, Humboldt’s old-growth stands could be destroyed by an unnecessary CalTrans construction project to widen and “re-align” Highway 101 -- against the best interests of Humboldt County and California.

That’s why Aliana Lee Knapp-Prasek, who lives just 10 miles from the location of the proposed project, started a petition calling on Governor Jerry Brown and CalTrans to stop the project and protect Richardson Grove State Park’s irreplaceable trees.

These trees are integral to the park’s habitat -- a haven for endangered species like the northern spotted owl -- and represent an important part of California’s natural heritage.

Even CalTrans admits that “adverse effects to old-growth trees may be a significant impact to this unique natural community.”

Yet CalTrans plans to destroy 40 trees directly, and its overall effect will be even greater. More than 70 old-growth trees will be affected as CalTrans cuts through or paves over roots and compacts hundreds of cubic yards of soil in the area.

CalTrans claims the project will facilitate “goods movement” and make transportation safer, but large trucks already use the road without problems.

In fact, widening the road and subsequently increasing the speed limit will just make it harder for local truckers to compete with bigger businesses -- and make Highway 101 more dangerous.

On Tuesday, Aliana and other local residents will deliver a printed version of their petition to Governor Brown.

Add your name to help Aliana and other residents gather the 12,750 signatures they need to make the printed petition’s length the same as the height of the tallest tree in the park -- 340 feet -- and show Governor Brown how many of us care about saving one of the last stands of old-growth redwoods in the world:

Thanks for taking action,

- Patrick and the team


  1. Rose, didn't you ever see Avatar?

  2. I got so frustrated I wrote a letter asking why they allowed the implication that old growth trees were being cut to be spread under their umbrella.

  3. yeah - I cannot believe the number of lies in that little piece.

    I figure there's still big bucks in soliciting donations to "save The Redwoods" - but these guys have jumped the shark.

    Their last piece they claimed that if they widen the FREEWAY (because that is what we're really talking about here, for those of you who click in via google) - if they widen the freeway, TANKS will roll up from somewhere and there will be kinetic military action waged on us.



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