Tuesday, June 21, 2011

In the Mailbox: The POT ADVOCATE DA wants $2,500 donations, the mask is off

Subject: Paul Gallegos Fundraiser

Dear Friend And Ally,

I hope this note finds you well. I am honored today to share with you a new and exciting development for the Medical Cannabis Industry in California. In an effort to strategically support the economic infrastructure and business interests of our industry, the California Cannabis Business League (CCBL) is being formed to support the people, the politics, and the future of the Medical Cannabis Industry in California.

The California Cannabis Business League would like to invite you to attend An Evening with Paul Gallegos. (See Attachment) Paul Gallegos is the District Attorney of Humboldt County. Paul is a leader in his community and he actively supports the medical cannabis industry throughout our state. The CCBL is proud to have Mr. Paul Gallegos serve on our Advisory Board. We encourage you to support Paul Gallegos and attend this event.

These are exciting times for the Medical Cannabis Industry. The CCBL is committed to creating jobs, advancing public safety, and providing new revenues to cities and communities. You will be receiving additional information about the California Cannabis Business League, and ways that you can participate and contribute. I thank you for your leadership and support of the Medical Cannabis Industry. I encourage you to attend the Paul Gallegos Fundraiser and learn more about the CCBL and its important mission. Thank you.

M. Max Del Real
President / CEO

California Capitol Solutions
916.717.2664 Capitol Office
916.720.0529 Capitol Fax
530.342.1455 District Office
530.267.8494 District Fax
An Evening With Paul Gallegos District Attorney, Humboldt County
The California Cannabis Business League (CCBL) is pleased to invite you to an evening social and networking engagement with Paul Gallegos to celebrate his support of the Medical Cannabis Industry and its exciting future in California.

WHEN: Wednesday, June 29, 2011; 5:00 - 7:00 p.m.
LOCATION: Midtown Sacramento, L Street Lofts, 1818 L Street, Suite 810.
RSVP: Jessica Ryan, jessica@thevologroup.com, (916) 538-6751
CONTRIBUTION LEVEL: $2,500 - Sponsor; $1,000; $500; $250
Campaign ID #: 1324372 Please Make Checks Payable to: Gallegos 2010
Treasure: Kevin Sumida Phone: 707-442-9000 Mailing Address: PO Box 1236 Eureka, CA 95502 FPPC: 866-275-3772
An Evening With
I plan to attend the Paul Gallegos event on June 29th: Yes/ No Feel free to contribute via check or via credit card by completing the form below.
Amount of contribution: $ _________________________ Campaign #1324372 Names: ____________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ Address: ___________________________________________________________ City, State, Zip: _____________________________________________________ Phone: _____________________________________________________________ Occupation: ________________________________________________________ Employer: __________________________________________________________ Signature: __________________________________________________________
Please make checks payable to: Citizens for District Attorney Paul Gallegos 2010 Please bring contributions in person, or mail contributions and this page to:
Gallegos 2010 PO Box 1236 Eureka, CA 95502
Credit Card: _____ Visa _____ MasterCard _____ AMEX _____ Discover Exact Name on Credit Card: __________________________________________ Credit Card Number: ________________________________________________ Exp. Date: __________________________________________________________ Signature: __________________________________________________________ This is my personal credit card and not a corporate card
Sponsored by the California Cannabis Business League
Please include this page with your contribution


  1. Just legalize it already

  2. just fucking arrest the corrupt DA already

  3. The money goes into Gallegos' 2010 re-election fund? Is this true>

    He's whoring himself out to this group of *&^%$ to pay himself back for the money he put out on his campaign?

    This is at a minimum unethical, could it also be illegal?

    If this flier is for real Gallegos is even a bigger POS than I thought he was.

    And anonymous 12:24PM, remember Humboldt County voted AGAINST legalization in the last election.

  4. The money - at $250 minimum per plate, apparently - is to go to his 2010 account - presumably to dig him out of the debt he incurred.

    The larger implications - the involvement of Sacramento-types - certainly implies they're getting ready to run bozo up the flagpole for something. As long as no one vetts him, and he never has to really answer a question, they might be successful.

    There's been some chatter under the radar that he is "done" here for the next go round, so - make of it what you will. The chatterers start mumbling under their breath when pressed, so apparently whatever it is is being held close to the chest right now.

  5. I'd add that Salzman's character assassination will be interesting to watch.

  6. How did you not defeat this guy Rose?

  7. pot, pot and more pot. FU Arcata and Garberville.

  8. Wasn't Rose one of those protesters in Florida in 2000 holding up a sign that said "Sore-Loserman" I hope that Rose didn't throw away her sign. It looks like it came in handy! BTW, Gallegos also won Mckinleyville. So apparently you have to FU them too.

  9. I wonder if Jackson would have won if Rose hadn't participated in her campaign?

  10. I see why you have to be anonymous. Who would want to admit that it's cool with them that a DA - a law enforcement officer - is beholden to the criminals that come before him. Like something out of the deep south.

    Your lying piece of shit couldn't run an honest campaign, couldn't say what he really is so he had to lie - pretend, call himself Law and Order, act tough - if he had run with people knowing he was whoring for $2,500 "donations" from dope dealers he wouldn't have gotten any votes at all.

    You did your jobs well. You got "professor" Gallegos into office again.

    And anyone who works around the courthouse knows what that means.

  11. Legalization at the Federal level will mean he is of no use to you anymore. THAT alone will be worth it.

  12. If Rose is involved in a campaign, you can pencil in a loss

  13. It is important to point out that Paul's opponent last November was not willing to support prop 19 either,and shared the same view as Gallegos did in regards to pot legalization.Jackson supporters helped to oust Paul Hagen,the one candidate to support the proposition in the primary.She had no problem telling growers,medical included,that she should be their preferred candidate.


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