Tuesday, June 07, 2011

One for Cap:

DERAILED: Is ethics complaint the end of the line for Clendenen as NCRA director? - The Mirror
....◼ Clendenen FPPC complaint

Once upon a time we had men who risked lives and limbs to carve their way across a continent. Through desert, granite cliffs, and across mighty rivers.

Now, the sandalmen plot ways to keep a rail line from being restored. And the question is always, why?


  1. How much public funds are appropriate for the restoration of this line?

  2. Good question. How much public cash should be spent on the RR?

  3. Dare to answer the question Rose?

  4. What question? Why should I answer it?

    But if you want an answer - none, imo. Let it be a private enterprise, because, contrary to Shane Brintons's ridiculous assertions in today's My Word, private enterprise is far more accountable to market conditions, and therefore can be much leaner and more efficient than a government run operation.

    And, why does it kill you to sign your name to a simple question? No one is going to spit on you in the street for asking a question. You guys are so silly.

  5. The word is COWARD Rose. They are simply too cowardly to contribute to the discussion in an adult way, for fear they might actually be forced to take credit for their comments. They fling their turds from the shadows, and then blame it on someone else if they happen to hit someone ...

    These people may not like what you have to say, but at least you have the guts to say it with conviction, and take credit for it. Keep up the good work!


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