Thursday, June 30, 2011

Recurring search term: — humboldt county district attorney's office investigation

Yes. Something is up.


A lot of interesting searches, from interesting places. Hmmmmmmm......


  1. This was on Channel 3 yesterday. Something about no documentation for spending of grant funds and the agency being "stonewalled" when it called the DA's Office.

  2. Nothing has changed in the DA's Office. It has only gotten worstnow that his out of control chief investigator Hislop is running the show. He is spend happy, and has no regard for county policies and procedures. And good ol Gallegos let's him have free reign. Meanwhile, ADA Keat has been on cruise control for the past six years, letting criminal charging reports from law enforcement agencies just stack up and stack up (we are talking years worth)on his desk. Outrageous! Where is the AG's Office? Maybe they should investigate this DA's Office.

  3. Knowing Gallegos, he will have a fall guy and walk away without a mark. He is the DA's Office department head and should have a pulse of what is going on make sure the grants are in compliance, rather than his employees being funded from the grant and using them for other non-grant work. Bad Gallegos!


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