Monday, June 06, 2011

For whatever reason - I'm in moderation at the Mirror

Since May 29th. So, I waited, but... on the Richard Salzman Post, people in the thread are saying things like this:
Cell Block D, on May 29, 2011 at 9:08 am said:
It takes brave men like Richard to show us how conservative and corporate-owned the Arcata City Council is.

Power to the people!
So, I just want to say"
Brave?????? Bullshit.

Sneaking around sticking stickers on parking meters in the dark of night? Anonymous hit pieces in plain brown wrappers? Phony names for his self congratulatory/hit piece letters to the editor? The Web-Of-Lies? Worse, using the names of people whose caretakers said they couldn’t even sign their name much less write a letter to the editor?

I don’t think “brave” is the right term.

Trying to rehabilitate his image – the only thing you can say this time is he was forced to use his own name because the supply of willing dupes has dried up.


  1. Dear Rose,

    Perhaps I should have used the name Sarcastic Bastard instead of Cell Block D.

    Sincerely, Mr. Tongue and Mr. Cheek (together at last) :)

  2. Well, ya fooled me. LOL I was expecting to hear more about he was like Ben franklin and Thomas Jefferson.

    He's not - and I would like to know how many names of incapacitated seniors he uses, and how he got them, and whether they vote.


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