Thursday, October 28, 2010

PART THREE: Thadeus Greenson's Series

'To seek justice' ... Honesty comes into question in the Humboldt County district attorney's race

Gallegos stated that he was a “professor” at Humboldt State University, only to later revise the answer to read that he was a “lecturer.”

Reached Wednesday, Gallegos said he taught at HSU for more than two years and didn't realize there was a distinction between lecturers and professors, when in fact lecturers are not on a track for tenure, are not required to have a Ph.D. and are essentially temporary instructors.

”I thought of myself as a professor, and I think my students did as well,” Gallegos said. “I didn't realize there was a job category that says, 'you are a lecturer.'”

Gallegos said when issues were raised over his use of the term “professor,” he contacted HSU, learned of the distinction and immediately corrected his response to the Tea Party questionnaire.

Kinda like his response when caught plagiarizing - it was just his super stupendous memory that enabled him to miraculously rewrite the piece almost verbatim and call it his own Op-Ed.


  1. Hey now, be fair about the plagiarism thing. You really wouldn't want to read an article he authored without assistance. You really, really, wouldn't.

    I recall the Arcata Eye running a piece well before he was elected.

  2. Rose, your blog is nasty. Just a place for you to spread your nasty smears. It is time for you Rose to shut your nasty blog down.

  3. What's to be fair, a liar is a liar.

    And with Gag's radio ad's talking about how "ethical" he is and how he does the right thing. Makes me want to gag with a spoon.

    Anyone who is one the fence should read some of the past WatchPaul blog, which is filled with references not just someone makiing statements.

    Paul Gallegos ethical?? Really; he indicted the former EPD chief of police and a LT, just read the judges ruling on that! That kind of abuse of power should scare the hell out of everyone. And that was to please his buddies and supporters like Ken Miller. And not to blame the grand jury, Gag's did not properly advise or inform the grand jury. Kind of ges along with the old saying "you can indict a ham sandwich"

    Let's not forget about what he and Tim Stoen (Mr. Jonestown purple koolaid lawyer) did to Debi August! Again, he used the power of his office to persecute a preceived enemy. That one got tosssed out of court too.

    And not to forget the money, time, and resources he wasted on the Palco suit. Appeal after appeal. The case just wasn't there, Gag's knew if from the beginning but he did it anyway, again to please his extreme supporters like Ken Miller.

    All the while, the past eight years, giving light weight plea bargains to really serious criminals, which results in them being back out on the street quick time comminting more crimes against the community.

    Gallegod has no honor, he is unethical, dishonest, and is a poor office manager too. Why would anyone want him as the DA?

  4. tell you what, anonymous - what's nasty is lying to the voters.

    What's nasty is that child abusers who should have been prosecuted have not been.

    What's nasty is what has happened when he heads into court unprepared and disorganized.

    What's nasty is that he is willing to use his office for his own agenda.

    Just for starters, babe.

  5. First and foremost, sign your name on a comment otherwise there is no way to trace if the same person is commenting. Second, the only daily in town endorses candidates then expects us to believe that their reporters can be objective. And last but not least, Gags has the support of his paid (at will) employees and most defense attorneys who profit from his lack of prosecutorial skills. Allison Jackson does have the support of law enforcement and those of us that are law-abiding. We are tired of having people let out on the streets with a "slap on the wrist" and having our neighborhoods run over by people who don't care if they are arrested because they know they will be let out shortly. The same tired tactics being used by Gags handlers against Worth Dikeman are being repeated now. It’s time to have a prosecutor in that office who knows the law and has the best interests of the people.


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