Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Now he's Professor Gallegos

"... I taught the United States Constitution when I was a professor at Humboldt State University,..."

Question #15 of the Questionnaire
The Reporta - Humboldt Tea Party Polls Local Candidates
Question #15 of the Questionnaire - full questionnaire SAVED

If you've ever been invited to speak to a class at HSU, polish up your resumes, kids. You too can be a PROFESSOR.


  1. The likely title was "lecturer" if he was salaried, but not tenure track. You don't usually get a tenure track position without a masters or PhD.

    If he was merely invited to speak at a professor's, associate professor's or lecturer's class, then he was a "guest speaker."

  2. I am a liberal. I am an academic. And I am wondering when some of the people I know that Gallegos is touting as his "endorsers " are going o condemn this crap. Okay folks. Step up tob the plate or put a paper bag on your heads and call it quits. This guy is a liar.

  3. He's gotten away with this before. TRC


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