Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Political maneuvering. Read paragraph 4

Way back when - I filed PUBLIC RECORDS ACT REQUESTS regarding CAST and the DV grants. Not just with the DA, but with the funding agencies.

In fact the DV Unit was established in the mid 90's
Elizabeth Norton, Eamon Fitzgerald, Wes Keat, Gloria Albin Sheets were each assigned.
Gallegos fired Gloria Albin Sheets, claiming he had lost a grant.
He then put Nandor Vadas name where hers was on the grant apps...

He went on KINS Talk Shop and talked about weaning the office from Grant Funding - complaining that he'd like to see more funding from the County General Fund to reflect the community's commitment to the office, but that doesn't happen, which he blames on the Board of Supervisors... says when he came in the office was 60% grant funded, and that he has set about to "systematically wean" the office from grant funding...

He said specifically that that the Domestic Violence/Victim Witness Grant was held onto longer than it should have been, "should've weaned ourselves long ago".

Some of the Grant numbers:
VV 04060120
VV 033Q0120.

Humboldt County's Spousal Abuser Protection Program Grants SAPP
2002 through 2006



Joyce Moser's My Word

"...The District Attorney Domestic Violence Vertical Prosecution Team was created under the leadership of District Attorney Paul Gallegos to reduce the amount of trauma that victims/survivors experience when navigating through the criminal justice system..."

See also - Paul Gallegos' Ballot Statement.
"...I established the Criminal Investigations Bureau, the Consumer and Environment Protection Unit, the Child Abuse and Adult Sex Crimes Unit, the Worker's Compensation Fraud Unit, the Domestic Violence Unit and Bad Check Program...."


  1. Jill Geist will not be putting up with this

  2. Neely put this forward? Knowing her husband is the one who should get the credit?

  3. So from the looks of it the Supes pulled out the paragraph about him so called "establishing" DV. What an ignoramus. Just got my sample ballot and its in there. He is claiming to have established the DV prosecution unit, the child abuse and sex crimes unit and the bad check program.

    The guy is just a liar. When is the press going to call him on this.

  4. I have a damn good question for Bonnie: who wrote this resolution that she was going to have approved by the board? My guess is that it was a product of R Trent...her new best friend.

    Hey Bonnie. Answer that question!

    The lies that this group are telling us are disgusting. I think pretty soon Paul will be telling us he invented the internet.


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