Wednesday, October 20, 2010

AMENDED STATEMENT - with no notation as to the change Updated

"I studied the United States Constitution in the law school, I taught the United States Constitution when I was a lecturer at Humboldt State University..."
changed from:
"... I taught the United States Constitution when I was a professor at Humboldt State University,..."

Candidate Questionnaire

The claims about creating/establishing programs still stand.

Has he notified the HCDCC of the falsity of his claim to be a Professor?

Update: Either it's my cached copy or it has been changed back. Good thing it's screenshotted.


  1. Rose, when Paul wins next month, please don't shut down this blog! I love reading your tea party bullshit! Nothing is better in the Humboldt Blogosphere!


  2. The bullshit is all coming from Paul Gallegos. Claiming to be a PROFESSOR. It's notable who is NOT calling him on it, who is willing to excuse lying.

    Claiming to have created programs that predate him, using his employees to submit My Words with words they can't possible have written, because they know them to be false, trying to alter the public record by trying to sneak his claims into the County's official published record so that he can quote the false claims - taken even so far as to release the press release that tells you quite clearly what he intended - and just how cynical he is - and how dishonest he is.

    Wake up, babe.

  3. Rose, you made my afternoon news.
    It will air at about 4:42 pm and 5:45 pm.
    We'll let the people decide.

  4. Did I get the facts right Rose?

  5. Weather Paul wins or looses he is still an failure. He has done more to harm pot people than he has to harm children and the general public, And baby that's a real problem!

  6. Thanks, Tom, sorry, I didn't hear it, just getting in. But I believe you would get it right.

  7. Eric Kirk endorses Paul Gallegos

    "I endorsed Paul Hagen in the primary because I wanted to see an Arcata-based environmental activist in office and because I have great respect for him. I also have great respect for Paul Gallegos who has had some set-backs in some of the more high-profile “white collar” cases. I’ve discussed this in detail before, and I have no reason to believe those losses were the product of incompetence as his opposition claims. They were tough cases, and he could have improved his win record by refusing to take tough cases. That he has taken cases against powerful individuals where legal or evidentiary issues were problematic doesn’t diminish anything for me. Nor do the numerous police endorsements for his opponent. The D.A.’s office should be independent, and if the police are too happy with a D.A. the checks and balances are probably being compromised.

    Paul was elected as a visionary who would break some of the traditional molds, explore remedies other than punitive, focus more on violent crime than victimless crime, and honor democratically established will when it comes to policies on medical marijuana and alternative remedies. His opposition routinely brings up individual cases which cannot be judged in a political campaign, often in cases where he is not in an ethical or legal position to publicly reveal facts and evidence which might explain results unsatisfactory to his detractors. He basically has to take it on the chin and bear it. He has done this well, with professionalism, grace, and poise.

    There are allegations about his administrative skills, but the criticisms are far from specific. I don’t do much criminal law, but I haven’t experienced problems I haven’t experienced with his predecessor nor three administrations in the county to our south. The office is by necessity perpetually overwhelmed and underfunded. Some of his deputies are more effective than others, and that is true of any office.

    His opponent Allison Jackson is by all accounts a very competent attorney. I have only had two dealings with her that I can recall and she was very professional in both. I do believe she is being unfairly painted as a right winger by her opposition, and I don’t approve of a sexist whispering campaign portraying her as irrational. Nevertheless, her philosophy of legal justice is too far on the “law and order” side of the divide for my comfort level, and I do not believe her stated approaches to law enforcement are congruent with the libertarian streak which differentiates Humboldt from other rural counties."


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