Friday, October 22, 2010

Read it and weep

Unpublishable Letters, A Work In Progress (Third Update) – October 20, 2010
Note: Apparently candidate Allison Jackson erroneously named someone as a supporter who isn’t, sending the area’s leading online idealists into a frenzy of name-calling and character attacks. The following is from a gentle soul not familiar with the insult culture which dominates local political blogs, who said she wanted to set the record straight. – Ed.

You’re blaming the wrong person

I am writing in response to a letter that I read from Fran Shulman. Allison Jackson is not a liar, nor is she manipulative, devious, or conniving. She has had my deepest respect for 16 years. I was the one, way back in May of this year, who called Fran Shulman regarding an endorsement for Allison. I’ve known Fran for 15 years. I was the person who asked her if she would lend her name to officially endorse Allison Jackson. I used the same words that I did with everyone I called, and that was to say that to officially endorse means that you give your permission to use your name in an ad. Fran did at that time officially endorse Allison. I gave that information to her committee and her name has been on Allison’s website and facebook since May, 2010.

On Oct. 5, 2010, at my request, Fran came to a meeting at my house where folks who I had gathered endorsements from were given the opportunity to go on camera for a television spot regarding why they supported Allison. Fran clearly stated that she did not want to be on camera for a commercial so she talked with the other people present. The miscommunication was mine. I did not understand that Fran was withdrawing her endorsement. I believed only that she didn’t want to be on camera. I am sorry that the ad endorsement got muddled with the camera shoot. There was absolutely no intent to do anything but to invite a deeply respected community member (Fran) who had told me previously that she officially endorsed Allison Jackson to express on tape the reasons why.

Respectfully Submitted;

T. Diane Green, LCSW, ACSW


  1. I read the post on "The Humboldt Herald" accusing Jackson of lying.

    It is obvious to anyone that regularly reads the Humboldt Herald that it is a rabid supporter of Larry Glass, PVG, and others of a certain "group", people that call themselves "progressives". Personally I think that "The Humboldt Herald" is operated by Councilman Larry Glass or at the very least a very very close associate of his. But that is just an opinion. I do think that opinion may be shared by others.

    My point. Who is Heraldo/Glass to talk about anyone lying? Many local residence have seen Larry Glass' recent election ad on local television. I've seen this ad at least 5 times myself. In this professionally done ad Larry Glass, in his black leather jacket, takes credit for the elemination of "crack houses" and "meth labs" in Eureka. Kind of funny because I follow the news closely and I don't think there has been a "meth lab" bust in Eureka since Larry Glass was in office. And "crack houses"? I don't recall any mention of a "crackhouse" being busted or taken down in Eureka in recent years. I don't believe Larry Glass' claim.

    I would like Larry Glass or Heraldo to prove those two recorded campaign statements. As a city councilman he can surely get the documentation from the Eureka Police Department to prove this up, if such documentation actually exists.

    This last minute crap accusing Jackson of lying for her campaign is just cheap, sleazy politics. But of course that is what I expect from Glass and "Heraldo".

    Humboldt Count needs a new DA just as Eureka Ward 1 needs a new councilperson.

  2. Why should we weep?

  3. That would depend, obviously. Depending on who you are and what your core beliefs are. There may be plenty of reason for you to weep.

  4. Diane Green is one of the most respected advocates in the County. Glad she was involved because her word is the gold standard.

  5. Feeling the pressure Rose? Maybe you need a drink.

  6. The coffee's always on, RTW.

  7. It is obvious to anyone that regularly reads WatchPaul that it is a rabid supporter of anything, be it true or not, that puts down anyone of a certain "group", people that call themselves "progressives". Personally I think that "WatchPaul" is operated by Robin Arkley, or at the very least a very very close associate of his. But that is just an opinion. I do think that opinion may be shared by others.

  8. That claim is old and tired, anonymous, give it up.

    But since you bring up "pogressives" tell me what is "progressive" about a DA who uses his office money to outfit his own SWAT team? Asset forfeiture money, no less, buying AR-15s.

    Even your buddy Jeffrey Schwartz admits Gallegos ain't a good "progressive."

  9. Thank you for reminding me of (Jeffrey Scwartz)!

    PVG's second all time worst hire, Tim Stoen being the first.

    All of the Humboldt County Deputy DA's are still "AT WILL" employees, meaning PVG can fire them for any/no reason. Not easy for a Deputy DA to say no when the campaign asks them to be in a campaign video? It makes for some good little Stepford deputy DA's.

    PVG has had his chance and he has repeatedly come up short. Time for a real change.

    The only logical and reasonable choice for DA is A. Jackson.

  10. btw - link to yougofree's apocalyptic screed

    ...nuclear rods float in a vat of liquid as they wait to be buried where they stand at the intersection of three tectonic plates...

    I guess in his warped mind, Gallegos is going to save you from Armageddon.


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