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DA candidates combine to spend $260,000: A look at filing statements in the race to become the county's top law enforcement official

460s are in.

Jackson received monetary contributions of $31,147 this period, bringing her year-to-date total to $85,072. Gallegos, on the other hand, only brought in $21,470 in cash contributions this period, but still edges Jackson in the year-to-date total, having pulled in $97,255.

In total, however, Gallegos' campaign is running in the red. The statements indicate the district attorney has received $36,000 in loans and has accrued $15,677 in unpaid bills since the beginning of the year, for a total outstanding debt of more than $50,000. He reported ending September with about $8,300 in cash on hand.

In contrast, Jackson has received $10,500 in loans this year and accrued $1,758 in unpaid bills, for a total outstanding debt of $12,258. She reported ending September with $15,842 in cash on hand.

All added up for the year, Gallegos reported that he has spent $152,122 and Jackson reported spending $109,986, for a total of $262,108.

Jackson's largest cash contributors for the current filing period were the Humboldt County Deputy Sheriff's PAC, which contributed $4,000; Harry Hardin, owner of Eel River Disposal, who contributed $1,500; Jackie McBeth, of Eureka, who contributed $1,500; the HBE PAC, which contributed $1,000. For the year, Jackson's largest contributors are the Humboldt County Deputy Sheriff's PAC, which has contributed $10,500; Hardin, who has donated $5,825; Kenneth Quigley, of McKinleyville, who has donated $4,015; Nancy Cavanaugh of Eureka, who has donated $1,735; and her campaign treasurer Patrick Whitchurch, who has donated $1,540.

Gallegos reported his largest contributors for the filing period as attorney Jennifer Keller, who donated $3,500; dentist Karissa Elloway, who donated $1,370; Eureka's GSH One Enterprises LLC, who donated $1,200; and Patrick Murphy, owner of Murphy's Markets, who donated $1,000. For the year, Gallegos' biggest contributors have been Keller, who has donated $3,500; Elloway, who has donated $2,960; Murphy, who has donated $2,000; Eureka attorney Neal Sanders, who has contributed $1,500; and Conrad Gregory, who works on Gallegos' campaign and has donated $1,450.


  1. and who is Jennifer Keller ?

    Neal Sanders, yuk

  2. I hope with all the money pouring in the candidates can at least address the real growing issue here. They don't discuss much, do they?

    Will they?

    Or just business as usual and ignore it?

    "In June, the California Department of Justice reported that violent crime across the state in 2009 had dropped from the previous year by 6 percent. Humboldt County, however, reported an increase of 17 percent in violent crimes, with assaults rising more than 20 percent and homicides more than doubling, going from three in 2008 to eight in 2009.

    Gallegos countered by saying that crime has actually been reduced during his time as district attorney, except last year, and attributed the recent increase to a faltering national economy.

    ”Since I've taken office, Humboldt County has become safer,” he said.

    "Eureka is the county's retail and social services center, and our already reduced police department must contend with 169 known sex offenders, 553 parolees, 496 supervised probationers and hundreds of unsupervised probationers living in the city, many of whom are drawn to drugs and contributed to the 166 violent and 2,267 property crimes last year, totaling 10 for every 100 Eureka residents."

    Whatever you make of this, it's an eye-opener for sure about Crime and Crooks in Humboldt and Eureka. The numbers are astounding.

    I hope the DA candidates address this issue but they probably won't.

    Which one deserves your vote?


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