Thursday, April 24, 2008

Words fail.

Roger Rodoni died Thursday in a car accident leaving his family, friends and community reeling.
Memorial Service
Wednesday, April 30 at 2 p.m.
Belotti Hall, Humboldt County Fairgrounds
in Ferndale, CA

TS Humboldt County Supervisor Roger Rodoni killed in car crash
ER Car crash claims life of Supervisor Roger Rodoni
We loved ya, Roger.
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"heraldo" Supervisor Rodoni killed in car accident
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"heraldo" Gov to appoint Rodoni replacement
Andrew Rest in peace, Mr. Rodoni
ER Coroner: Rodoni died from blunt force head injuries
TS Rodoni dies in 101 crash
TS Influential politician also was a philosophical rancher and artist
TS Thompson issues statement on death of Rodoni
TS Tears, memories and an empty chair
ER Supervisors, friends mourn loss of Rodoni
ER Roger Rodoni, RIP
TS Governor will name replacement supervisor
TS According to Roger: Humboldt County's most quotable public figure, in his own words
TS He was Humboldt to his soul
Carol and Greg Rodoni Services Wednesday
ER Roger Rodoni: The mark of a man
SF Chronicle Humboldt County supervisor killed in car accident
KCRA Humboldt County Supervisor Killed In Wreck
The Governor Gov. Schwarzenegger Issues Statement
TS Rodoni's wife asks to be appointed to his board seat
Eric The hiatus is over
"heraldo" Rodoni widow seeks appointment
NCJ The Journal has devoted an issue to Roger.
Roger Rodoni's Obituary
ER Community gathers to remember Roger Rodoni
TS Standing room only at supervisor's memorial

ER Cattle industry lost a friend in Roger Rodoni
ER Rodoni’s death shows a need to emphasize safe roads, communities
ER Mike Thompson remembers Roger Rodoni
ER County will miss Rodoni; statesman, voice, friend

TS Walking a timeworn path to office
TS Johanna Rodoni appointed to finish husband's term
ER Governor appoints Johanna Rodoni to supervisor seat
Hank Schwarzenegger Appoints Johanna Rodoni
Jack BREAKING NEWS: Johanna Rodoni appointed to fill 2nd District seat

...Over State Office Building Number 1, across from the State Library and just west of the Capitol, inscribed in granite is the saying from a Samuel Foss poem “Bring Me Men To Match The Mountains” ...To me, Roger was of one of those of whom Samuel Foss spoke...
....Eel River Ernie in remembrance on (the other) Ernie Branscomb's Blog.
Mirror Something new to argue about
Eric SoHum Parlance: Johanna was appointed
heraldo Gov appoints Johanna Rodoni
TS Campaign urging votes for Rodoni
From the TS editorial:
The Schizophrenic Second
North Coast Journal Blogthing —
ER Rodoni sworn in amid standing ovation
TS Johanna Rodoni sworn in before appreciative audience
JN All The Pieces - The candidates for Humboldt County Supervisor on jobs, land use, law enforcement and trails
ER Candidate contributions update
A measure of courage


  1. We just lost the best 2nd District Supervisor and none of the candidates will ever be able to fill Roger's shoes.

    I am really sad as I saw the wreckage as I came home from Eureka this evening..

  2. Dog running at large4/24/2008 7:56 PM

    Love or hate his politics, you knew he was playing you straight. No spin, no BS, just Roger being Roger.

    The currency of character trumps the small change of politics...every time. Roger was the poster child of integrity.

    And yeah, he could be an asshole, but he was our asshole.

    Gonna miss you and that cool little glint in your eye when you knew that you were invoking the wrath of those who value volume over content.

    We're gonna miss you Roger

  3. It is horribly tragic news. Roger, we will indeed miss you very much.

  4. Words fail. I am heart broken. Stay strong Johanna.

  5. I agree, D. It is hard to write through tears.

    I am reminded that we should all remember to say "I love you" to those we love. I have to remember to do that tomorrow.

  6. Such a shocking & tragic loss. My sincere condolences to Roger Rodoni's family, friends & Humboldt Co.

  7. Well I certainly sat through enough B.O.S. meetings where I disagreed with him,but he always gave his honest opinion.
    He was always respectful with me and I truly saddened by this.
    Sleep well Roger.And condolences to the Rodoni family and his friends.

  8. Good to hear from you, Mark. It would be a boring world if we all always agreed. But tonight, we do.

  9. Yes, tonight we do.

    RIP Roger.

  10. I wish I could say this is done in memory of my friend Roger who fed me dinner at his home and lunch in town but it's just coinciding with the loss of him. Actually I was looking forward with a big smile on my face to talking to Roger over my attempts to "socialize" Palco knowing well enough to know he was enjoying the irony of our friendship as much as I was.

    Roger fed me hope in a real live political person there representing me and his other constituents. He wasn't some cardboard cut-out abiding by hidden political handlers, he didn't need any because he had the brains to figure things out for himself and the balls to stand up for his own conclusions.

  11. No, I can't give Roger a Republican gift but I can give a bucking bronco rider something to appreciate--this last ditch effort to win Palco back for Humboldt Palco employees and not for some corporation in Texas, or a bunch more out of New York, or San Francisco or wherever. No more rich absentee owners. Shane. See how it's done in the 21st century?

    Talked to more Palco workers today and getting some more interest in the Palco Community Corporation Reorganization Plan on the docket in Corpus Christi but still needing a representative at court to be included UNLESS the media tells our story.

  12. Sorry, forgot to post the main point:

    A new blog for Palco Community Corporation at:

  13. Thank you for compiling all the blog posts, Rose. Roger was admired by many.

  14. It's a testament to the man. For his family.


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