Tuesday, April 29, 2008

An excellent choice.

Rodoni's wife asks to be appointed to his board seat
...In her letter to the governor, Johanna Rodoni makes clear she felt she could not wait to request the appointment.

”I wish there were no need for the writing of this letter, but the tragic and sudden loss of my husband, Humboldt County Supervisor Roger Rodoni, creates this need, and the time frames outlined in the California Codes necessitate that I contact you right away,” Johanna Rodoni wrote.

”Normally,” Johanna Rodoni continued in the letter, “families are left to grieve in their own time and in their own way, but because my husband was in the midst of a campaign, and was a champion for the rights of his constituents, normal protocol must be suspended. I am honored to be in a position to take up where Roger left off in his role of being a strong, 'straight forward' voice on the Board of Supervisors, advocating for individual rights, common sense, honesty, and always keeping in mind the people for whom his position of county supervisor was created.”...

Governor, I hope you are listening.


  1. Agreed. Boy, she sure hit the ground running.

  2. She's a rancher's wife.
    Strong. And Brave.

  3. Hooray Johanna - god bless you and your family.

  4. She knows the issues in the 2nd District and if you read some of what she has done in today's T-S she has not been sitting around but has been active in the community and county. I think her background is better than Clif or Estelle's and she would make a better Supe than either of them.

  5. I strongly agree too. Clif and Estelle are both stealth candidates backed by the Progluddite Arcata/SoHum gang of pols. They want to Arcata-ize Fortuna especially, but the whole 2nd District. Actually, this is all about the invasion of Bay Area politicos trying to seize control of Humboldt County and re-make it into another Berkeley based on colleges and no basic industrial development.

    Johanna will help protect the 2nd District and the County from these invaders who have come into a rural county long set in its traditions without respect, as if these traditions meant nothing to them which unfortunately is very true.

    I am of an earlier breed of counterculture, one that was based on peace, love, and harmony, remember those words? They got trampled along with America as the Vietnam War progressed without end and Leftists took control of even the communal movement producing at the end the SLA communal gang and that was the end of the Countercultural Revolution. As editors of Communities Magazine in 1972-74, we saw a dramatic drop in subscription requests and requests by college groups interested in intentional communities. Communes began to die all over the nation after that as best it should as it didn't really solve social problems.

    But that's another story. My point in this history is that the Left has been the big loud voice of the counterculture since 1968 and it is foreign to peace, love, and harmony.

    It is all about creative division and social war to put the Leftist agenda in power. "Progressives" are watered-down Lefties in suits and ties. Progs pose more threat to society's health and well-being because they have no holistic vision which at least the Commies did.

    Progs just want to tear things down with no replacement but their own fairly narrow range of lifestyle needs and what supports those needs which are outside financing sources based on the largess of successful industrially developed communities.

    My own economic/social philosophy as some of you know is communitarian capitalist which I believe is a healthy cooperative compromise between the benefits of both capitalist and socialist economic systems. I can't sell com-cap philosophy to Lefties because Leftism is actually based on making social war, creating a Left/Right division in what is always a holistic society that goes way beyond such narrow categories. And there's a root cause lying deeper than making social war. It is creating conflict situations in which aggressive people with compulsive urges to control others can rise to power. How leaders use their power is determined by leaders ability to fully understand democracy. I think any candidate who has allowed themselves to be "handled" is the word by Progressive activist organizations has already compromised independent thinking and settled for group think instead.

    I will support Johanna because she is like Roger in that respect and she will maintain Roger's tradition of wisdom in office.

  6. To be willing to make this decision under these circumstances, and knowing the viciousness of the attacks that will follow takes great courage. She will need people standing by, beside her and behind her.

    I would have supported her under any circumstances. I will definitely support her now.

  7. If there is a decison made by the governor, then why not choose former 2nd district supervisor, Roy Heider?

  8. You object to Johanna, Carol?

  9. I think there should not be an appointment. Let's let the voters decide in June. But that is my opinion only, Rose.

  10. Leave it vacant until January?

  11. I think leaving it vacant until the election and then appointing the winner to finish out the rest of Mr. Rodoni's term would be the best policy.

    But my guess is that the governor will appoint her and she will be a write in candidate and, with the sympathy vote, she is a strong contender. I know I didn't support her husband's policies recently but my heart can't help but be softened towards her.

  12. Why would anyone think that Heider would be a good choice?

    1. He lost the election in 96 to Rodoni - therefore the voters rejected his politics in favor or Rodoni.

    2. He supports Fennell - the HCDCC choice. Isn’t that sort of like stacking the deck for her Carol?

    3. No - Johanna has the mindset and will carry on Roger’s tradition until his term is expired.

    The perfect choice.

  13. As someone already said ...

    Hooray Johanna - God bless you and your family.

    Couldn't have said it better.

  14. Rose,Arnold should just appoint the winner of the June election.Johanna should being running as a candidate.

  15. I think I might be with esquan here: Let the primary take place and choose the winner from there.

    I have no problem with Johana taking the slot, but it's unfair to have someone appointed that might be a candidate at the same time.

    Johana needs to file papers with Elections to become a legal candidate.

  16. Mark: "Johanna should being running as a candidate."

    You need to clean that sentence up.

  17. Rodger's tradition is best left in the grave

  18. That's your opinion 6:37,it seems to be shared by a few progressive political operatives and a couple phony wet eyed supervisors. Maybe there is a time for your type of bull shit 6:37 but you'll only get the bottom dwelling types to join you.

  19. Carol, Estelle was about to be royally shafted. Thank Estelle's your lucky stars Johanna Rodoni did step in.

  20. We all need to thank our lucky stars that this courageous woman has the will to do this at this time. God bless her and this county for her decision. I was hoping and praying that she would and I couldn't be happier and more pleased that she is willing to make this sacrifice. Johanna knew what Roger knew. She is a strong women who supported her husband and had meaningful conversations with him about this county and what was happening here. God bless you Johanna and thank you. May Roger live on through you.

  21. Carol, Estelle was about to be royally shafted.

    Not necessarily, 9:19. Please read the links regarding election codes that Rose has kindly provided in her subsequent post.


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