Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The Governor was in town today

TS scoop Read the transcripts from Schwarzenegger's Eureka visit
Pretty cool to have transcripts! Exact quotes.
Articles in both papers today -

Photo: Tyson Ritter, Eureka Reporter
ER Eureka is latest stop on Governor's Statewide Tour
TS Schwarzenegger talks budget in Eureka


  1. He's been such a f*#@*#g failure,no body cares!

  2. Oh my, The Poser nator visited you?

    A Pox on him. Faker.

  3. I was pretty disappointed in him, too, wollf, But I liked what he had to say here. Let's hope people back him up this time.

    The governor said he is against raising taxes to make up the deficit.

    “We can’t go to the people very single time when we have this problem and say let’s raise taxes,” he said. “The mistakes were made in Sacramento, not by the people of California, so why go out and punish the people of California and raise their taxes?"


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