Thursday, April 17, 2008

Another admission, another mistake

District Attorney Paul Gallegos said some of the children’s testimony regarding the charges of oral copulation were contradictory, and that he thinks the transcripts from the victims’ interviews may be inaccurate.

“The fault is on my shoulders,” he said, adding that the DA’s office recently switched to a different interview transcribing company that charged a less-expensive rate.

And though the oral copulation charges were reduced to charges of lewd and lascivious acts, the sentencing range for both are the same — three, six or eight years in prison.

“It really has no impact on what his prison sentence is likely to be,” Gallegos said.
Read the rest: ER Molestation charges reduced

TS Alleged child molestation case takes hit

Humboldt County Superior Court Judge Marilyn Miles held up charges of lewd behavior with a minor against accused child molester Andrew Belant Wednesday, but told the district attorney that the evidence didn't support felony charges of sexual assault on the dates outlined in the complaint.
Read the rest: TS Alleged child molestation case takes hit

Last month it was the admission that an alleged rape victim's confidential information had been released to the media and the public.


  1. Well, the mistake runs deeper than transcription. Because before PVG destroyed CAST, there were dedicated CAST prosecutors and investigators who attended the child's videotaped interview so
    1) they saw the child and heard the child, and the prosecutor WHO HEARD WHAT WAS ACTUALLY SAID did the charging, and if there was a need to check
    2) they checked the recording

    Well, those days are clearly gone.
    Either there is no CAST deputy, or
    the deputy no longer attends interviews, or the deputy who attends interviews is an idiot.

    If the first two are the case, Humbodlt will get "weaned off" another grant. Good work Paul, leading the way back to the pre CAST dark ages.

  2. Paul should have transcribed those recordings himself!


  4. Of course it's not Paul's vault.

    what ever happened to things like "the buck stops here" ?

    Wouldn't it be nice to have a politician that is also a real leader?

  5. I guess one of my questions would be what happened that you switched interview transcribing companies?

    Just to save money? Or is there more? It just seems like an odd statement.

  6. 1:36;
    Coldest winter in Ca. in at least the last 10 years, water temp. is still at 52F, a record cold for this time of year - normally 56 - 57 in the ocean. Coldest winter in China/HongKong in the last 20 with catastrophic consequences. Most snow in Canada and Northern USA in the last 10 years. These are facts, not fabrications. Why are we not reading about this? Doesn't fit the global warming brainwash that's going on.

  7. The melting polar caps are cooling and slowing the currents.

    Here is an explanation for how it works the way it does:

    It's written for grades 4 through 8so you might be able to understand it.

  8. And the debate is over. All the scientists in the world have agreed. Yeah. I know. I saw the movie. Well, at least part of it.

  9. Taylor (2007) compared seasonal forecasts by New Zealand’s National Institute of
    Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA) with outcomes for the period May 2002 to
    April 2007. He found NIWA’s forecasts of average regional temperatures for the
    season ahead were 48% correct, which was no more accurate than chance. That this is
    a general result was confirmed by New Zealand climatologist Jim Renwick, who
    observed that NIWA’s low success rate was comparable to that of other forecasting
    groups worldwide. He added that “Climate prediction is hard, half of the variability in
    the climate system is not predictable, and so we don’t expect to do terrifically well.”
    Renwick is a co-author with Working Group I of the IPCC 4th Assessment Report, and
    also serves on the World Meteorological Organization Commission for Climatology
    Expert Team on Seasonal Forecasting.

  10. Forecast this:

    and this:



  13. No such thing as Global Warming Rose?

  14. Dueling banj- I mean - links.

    Here's one for ya -

    Though my favorite is still the one about the discovery of hot lava under the ice caps, melting it from BELOW.

    To presume anyone understands it all and can make a proclamation is at best very arrogant.

  15. I was afraid that elementary school site would be above your head, but Sesame Street never did a program to explain global warming to preschoolers.

  16. Ummmm...Totally off subject, but I just noticed that I'm visitor number 66,666.

    Not only is that a Big number, but it's also a rather spooky one, espescially with the 60th anniversary of Israel, and Passover coming up, and.....oh, I forgot my ADD patch today.

    I'm not the antichrist after all...

    Hugs for the crazy guy, anyone?

  17. "Scientists are working to understand the extent to which these decreases in sea ice are due to naturally occurring climate variability or longer-term human influenced climate changes."

    The above from your first link anon.

    I do not dispute global mean temp increase. I dispute the projections of global catastrophy. Especially when the co-author of the IPCC report on climate forecasting says they don't understand half the variables needed to model it.

  18. At any rate, get ready to get hit with a $1.2 trillion tax increase all in the name of Al Gore’s radical new religion quite possibly the largest expansion of government power in our nation’s history - Lieberman-Warner.

    Affordable housing? Kiss it goodbye. Affordable energy? No affordable energy for you.

    What a boondoggle.

  19. That would be A co-author, not THE co-author, Pointy.

    "Warming of the climate system is unequivocal, as is
    now evident from observations of increases in global
    average air and ocean temperatures, widespread melting
    of snow and ice and rising global average sea level.(Figure SPM.1). {1.1}"

    "Observational evidence4 from all continents and most
    oceans shows that many natural systems are being
    affected by regional climate changes, particularly temperature
    increases. {1.2}"

    "2. Causes of change
    Changes in atmospheric concentrations of greenhouse
    gases (GHGs) and aerosols, land cover and solar radiation alter
    the energy balance of the climate system. {2.2}
    Global GHG emissions due to human activities have
    grown since pre-industrial times, with an increase of
    70% between 1970 and 2004 (Figure SPM.3).5 {2.1}"

  20. Well anon yes that is a lot of green house gas. unfortunately, in the case of atmospheric carbon, with ever increasing amounts of CO2, your effects of the gas on warming is reduced. Over the last 100 years with upwards of a 50% increase in atmospheric carbon, it has resulted in only a 6/10ths degree C change in temp.

  21. You didn't read it all Pointy. It takes decades for the impact of the atmospheric carbon to max. So even if we stopped dumping CO2 into the atmosphere tomorrow, we would still be suffering the effects in the next century. 70% increase since 1970 and increasing every year. It just hasn't caught up to us YET. And then there is the methane from decomposing tundra from melting of the poles, increasing every year and not something we can do anything about.

  22. Somebody's been pooping in our petri dish. It's us.

  23. I'm old. I'm not going to be around for the worst of it. But I feel bad about future generations. Not only are they going to be stuck with our massive debt but the consequences of our lifestyle of insane energy and resource consumption. I'm glad I'm old.

  24. Well well well. Sure did turn this one around. From PVG being a continual FU to global warming.

    If you want to go off topic what about the speculation that the U.S. will stike Iran some time prior to Bush leaving office?

    What will that do for global warming?

  25. It was Anonymous 1:36 and Rose who changed the subject to global warming. Do you think they were trying to defect attention from PVG?

  26. With over a million barrels of oil off the global market from Iran, it will decrease the daily use of petroleum products and make them so expensive that people might drive less. The oil companies will love the increased profits.

  27. Correction:

    Iran's total oil output was about 3.9 million bpd last month.

    Almost 4 million barrels a day.

  28. Paul's fuckups are boring. I'm done with Paul

  29. He probably won't run for re-election. Even people who voted for him aren't happy with him lately. Sorta like Bush.

    Does that qualify for your version of Godwin's and end this thread, Rose? I'm just trying to help out because I know how upset you get when facts trump emotion.

  30. Sorta like Hannity now that I think about it.

    <<<<< crickets >>>>>>>

  31. Are you allowed a coffee break?

  32. Is that your version of a white flag of surrender, Rose?

  33. I'm sorry - Are we fighting, 8:38? I thought you were just expressing your opinion(s).

    Or that maybe you were a new form of tree-sitter - the cyber sitter, or the blog-sitter.

    I'm just hoping someone brings you some coffee and a latrine bucket now and then.

    Could be worse, at least you don't have to endure the elements.

  34. Your surrender is accepted.

  35. Your admission to being a putz is accepted.

  36. Reinforcements arrived but alas, too late. All it could do was hurl ineffectual insults. Going into battle without ammunition isn't a good idea.

  37. A ledgend in your own mind, bonehead.

  38. zingggggg!

  39. What ARE you talking about 8:38/10;11? OK - I admit it, I couldn't sit here as long as you apparently can. Where shall I deliver the trophy?

  40. Right Rose. You can't counter the points so will make lame excuses about how long one has to sit at a computer to make them. However, you were still posting after you quit debating so explain that.

    And yes, they bring me fresh water and sunflower seeds every 2 hours. pffft!

  41. WHAT points? So you posted a bunch of links? Whooppeeee! There are entire blogs dedicated to the global warming debate, there are books and videos, TV interviews enough to keep you busy defending the warmista religion for the rest of your days. Have at it.

    If you really want to worry, look up super volcanoes. Then there's be meteor strikes, and the sun exploding...

  42. Natural disasters happen and there isn't anything we can do about it, but I understand Rose. You can't think of anything that dwarfs your obsession with PVG. The rest of us will worry about petty things like global warming so you can devote your time to that much more important issue.

  43. Good. See, it's a niche thing.

    So, you believe it was the transcriber's fault?

    And it doesn't concern you that he put the rape victim's name out into the public?

    Or that he plagiarizes his Op-Ed My Word's in the Times Standard?

    Or files lawsuits that shouldn't be filed?

    Or loses grants that support services to your neighbors?

    'K - bully for you.

  44. I don't really care about PVG Rose. I think he is screwing up big time. But I also don't think he will run for re-election so don't spend any time really thinking about him. I am interested in political and environmental discussions. When you post about those, you will get responses.

  45. Rose, so time back one of your posters said that these "progs" will eat their own babies if needed to win. Sweat 4:45 and the rest of the orc's will turn their backs on PVG because he's not winning for them. All the PC banter about a vision, a new world order,a shinning star in the emerald jungle was of course pure pig shit. They will hurl the pretty boy in that stink as quickly as they would you Rose. He was only grist for their wheel,after all.

  46. I believe the "eat their own babies" is a pretty fitting analogy for people who pollute and consume without thought for the babies of the future.

  47. Mr. anonymous, would be the prolifically self important one....My true apologies to those anonymous who just join in....

    Methinks, and please feel free to correct me, that you hold a grudge of some nature....not the nature that you say that you "defend" with "anonymous" comments on, yes, a Niche Blog, but rather a grudge against the dear Person who opens this, and almost all things to debate.

    This, well it seems to my poor befuddled mind, as though you want to "win".

    You can't. Miss Rose has opened this forum to bounce ideas around, for Many, many more than you. People enjoy that, and that is why her "niche" Blog has the number of hits it has.

    You, in your arrogance have displeased me with the discourse, and unfortunately, with "you" anonymous.

    Give yourself a "nom de plume", as I am Wollf....e-mail is on my site, you can reach me and I will be absolutely delighted to take you to coffee....It will make things so much simpler.

    Oh, my'd rather hide behind "anonymous" when callin a Lady names.

    Pussy. might want to, though you probably won't....

    Best wishes....

  48. No one has said there hasn't been global warming in the past, quite the contrary. There have been huge meteror hits and volcanic erruptions which put vast amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere. Newsmax is extrapolating on the significance of the ice age retreating from that area sooner than previously thought. This is an interesting scientific discovery, nothing more.

  49. And be sure to note that the UK Telegraph (origin of the article) doesn't make the same claims that Newsmax makes.

  50. Very good point "anon", we can still discuss over a cup of coffee?

    The point remains that you are an anonymous...well, except for the trackback ping thingie, person who in their passive aggression, gets a thrill from disrupting someones Blog......evry few minutes.

    We can discuss a possible job for you at coffee also....I here for you, little buddy.
    Best regards,

  51. And here's the most important part:

    As a post facto aside, this find should also point out how irrelevant a "consensus" is as it pertains to science, for new discoveries are always debunking and challenging conventional wisdom.

    Sadly, folks in the media, and climate alarmists looking to stifle debate, refuse to understand this inconvenient truth.

    That said, energy and financial policies SHOULD NOT be based on supposedly consensus views of science for EXACTLY this reason, for a lot of time, money, and resources could be devoted to a "solution" to a "problem" which ends up NOT existing.

  52. That is Shepherd's opinion, Rose, not the scientists'. Read the original article at the UK Telegraph.

    No thanks Wolf. I'll keep my anonynity, thank you very much and I already have a job. I thought blogs were for exchange of ideas. Why are opposing ideas a disruption? Rose doesn't mind going to other blogs to post opposing ideas.

  53. anonymity too

  54. Sigh. Yes. I KNOW that is his opinion.

    No one has stopped you from expressing your opinion - it is welcome here, as is the back and forth discussion. Sorry if I don't agree with you, and that persuading me to see it your way is beyond your capabilities. I just happen to have alot more faith in the planet, and in humankind than you do.

    The silly taunts are unnecessary. IF what you really want is a discussion.

  55. Says the queen of silly taunts.

  56. "anon"....oh, my sincerest apologies.....I did not realise, mostly because of your "taunting" nature, that you were a female.

    I truly do mean that......oh my goodness, me, I am so sorry to take you to task in such a strong manner.

    Go ahead, and "taunt" anonymously away.....tis your right, but....

    Are we still on for coffee?

  57. I regretfully decline in the interest of preserving anonymity. Your assumption that "says the queen of taunts" means I am female would be erroneous. I was referring to Rose.

  58. I understand that Rose's faith (the non-rational belief varity) in the earth's ability to withstand anything man throws at her and still be habitable for man is probably unshakable, but I want people to wake to the problems before it is too late to solve them. When she posts false or misleading crap, I will post a rebuttal. Its a dirty job but someone has to do it.

  59. Ummm - did you think this was a post on Global Warming? 'Cause I do those every once in a while (links in sidebar), and so do a bunch of the people I link to,

    We do (LOVE TO) laugh at you warmistas.

    You know - recycling - and precycling is good. Living lightly on the land is good. Conservation is good. Preserving clean air and clean water for all the world should be a top priority of the Federal Government, right up there with National Defense (and spreading democracy :) ).

    We are all in agreement with that. We're into it. For the right reasons. We don't need the Global Warming club held over our heads to beat us into submission. And we don't need to allow ourselves to be fleeced by false prophets and phony priests of a new religious inquisition.

    And we aren't all so arrogant, or so gullible as to believe that we can turn the earth's axis (read that stop global "climate change").

    We CAN affect air pollution and water pollution, these were all things that were seeing positive progress and awareness without the asinine global warming boondoggle.


  60. I hope you're right. What if you aren't?

  61. Well, my goodness, Anon...then we die.

    Fairly simple, that. Just like the dinos, and the mammoths and, oh my dear, even my cousins the Dire wolves.....

    I simply agree with Miss Rose in that we all should be good stewards of this planet, our "Maia", but whether we are or not, one day she shall shake herself like my namesakes, "Malsom", by the by, that is my name, and it means Wolf in my native Peskotomahkati, but she shall shake herself as she is wont, and we "fleas" shall cease to exist.

    It is her way. We are nothing.'re really not a revered female? That is surely going to put a crimp in our romance...


  62. What if you are walking on the beach and a sneaker wave carries you off? It's the same thing. Nature bats. And Nature bats last. There's really not a damn thing you can do about it.

    You can protect it as much as you can, you can appreciate it, either from afar or by being in it. But you can't really stop it. Not the waves, not the storms, not the winds, and not the temperature.

    You live on the top layer of the skin of this giant planet. You are insignificant. The earth abides. Long before and long after we are gone,

    Always in the same state? Not too likely. Someday it'll be a barren hunk of stone floating in space - if and when the sun dies.

    We'd be better off putting our efforts into finding and settling other planets, both to alleviate any population concerns and to prepare for that future.

    Something really progressive. And innovative.

  63. The skin of a planet that is at it's core a huge nuclear electro-magnet. Did someone say the queen of silly taunts had posted? Funny I didn't see Jane Doe anywhere.

  64. You are right. Nothing is of importance. Someday the earth will be a barren rock without life so why care about what happens between now and then. I hope you live long enough for your grandchildren to thank you for the great world you have bequeathed them.


  66. Ask and you shall recieve. A Jane clone pops up.

  67. Shall I whine about all the silly taunts and insults? You are hypocrites.

  68. Get that woman some fresh water and sunflower seeds! Stat!

  69. What is it with the rightwing using so many gender specific insults? Why do you "insult" men by calling them pussy, woman, or girly? Even you rightwing women do it. Is your misogyny so ingrained that it is automatic?

  70. Misogyny? Wollf? I must take umbrage to that one. I do seem to suffer the opposite, and oft painful Philogyny....thus my slight depression that you are not a female of our species.

    This means our coffee date is off, doesn't it......too bad, we'd have made quite the pair.

    So....wanna arm wrestle?
    Just trying to salvage this budding relationship.......

  71. I wasn't referring to you but to Rose, Wolf. I don't know your political slant so wouldn't presume to label you. I have filled my quota of right wing friends so I'll let you know when there is an opening. With my mouth that could be any time.

  72. Oh my......just

    Really.....oh my.

  73. Lighten up Wolf. It was a joke. I am the picture of propriety in social situations. I only rant on the internet.


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