Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Another big pot bust

Huge bust nets 137 pounds of bud

Acting on information from the Illinois State Drug Task Force, local drug enforcement agents on Tuesday arrested two men in the tiny hamlet of Honeydew for allegedly conspiring to distribute marijuana.

More than a dozen agents with the Humboldt County Drug Task Force, the sheriff's office and the Illinois Drug Task Force served a warrant on Applewood Road and arrested Christopher Cramer and Leland Bauer without incident. Cramer was arrested on federal charges of conspiracy to distribute marijuana, and Bauer was booked on misdemeanor warrants, and will be indicted for an alleged conspiracy to distribute marijuana.

The officers allegedly found 93 pounds of processed marijuana bud in the residence, another 40 pounds in Cramer's pick-up and 4 pounds in Bauer's car. They also seized a Glock .40 caliber handgun, a .30-.30 caliber rifle and two shotguns.

No pot growing operation was taking place currently at the large greenhouse on the property, the Humboldt County Drug Task Force said.

Cramer lives at the residence, the task force said, and Bauer was visiting. The task force said that there is an indication that at least some of the marijuana was destined for Illinois. TS breaking news

ER Agents find 137 pounds of pot


  1. ok, you just reprinted the exact story from the newspaper. not only is that illegal, but it also lacks creativity. BORING.

    learn to blog, rose.

  2. No mention of 215 cards either. Guess she can't find a way to blame Miller for this one.

  3. Aww, c'mon, you know Miller has reportedly retired from the pot doc biz.

  4. Ok you two,you can't hide Mark Lovelace's envolvement with HWC,Healthy Humboldt,Local Solutions and all the rest of the "educational" groups so you try to attack this good blog with the dumbest statements. Some pot bust get factory big money operations. 215 cards or not. What we really want to know is how much of the money is bank rolling puppets like Lovelace

  5. If any.

    Actually, there some readers who are following the big drug busts in Mendocino and here, the discussions about whether to legalize, whether to reduce/roll back the plant limit (currently being discussed in Mendocino and elsewhere), and the ever more evident problems with grow houses and crime related to the pot trade. So they send me links from their areas, and I post what's happening here, too.

    It's part of the ongoing discussion.

  6. If growers don't want to get busted they should be renting space from Danco. His grow facilities seem to have some sort of federal immunity.

  7. Well the one group of cops is from Illinois !!! That must tell you something !! Like the Humboldt pot was being sold in Illinois, Chicago ! Hell maybe &&^^% was getting his weed from Humboldt?

    Maybe a good percentage of these dope growing maggots come from out of state because our DA is kind of in bed the the growers and the word is out ?

  8. 3:54,
    you just realized that humboldt grown pot leaves the area? its the county's largest industry, by far. people all over the world know about humboldt county for its bud.

    everytime im on vacation or away on business and i tell people that i live in humboldt county, they make a comment about pot.

    but......socialists are calling for MORE government involvement into our area's largest industry. it's just sad. especially since many of the posters here CLAIM to be "right wingers"....

    to hell with less regulated trade and states rights......

  9. Theo once again you have to prove beyonhd a reasonable doubt that you're nothing more than an asshole.

    If this is the other you is it possible the real you is a decent person?

  10. Nah, Theo. What I hear people saying is go ahead and legalize it already and put an end to the dishonest sham. Stop pretending it's medical marijuana, just call it what it is. And if it can be used to help people who are sick so much the better. If it can indeed help inhibit cancer growth then for god's sake make it happen.

    But stop the pretense. Stop the sham of perfectly healthy college age kids calling themselves sick to get a 215 card.

    Stop the grow houses, treat it like any other agricultural crop.

    Just - a little honesty already.

    That's what people want.

    That, and if you are gonna HAVE laws, then enforce them.

    But right now, the grow house guy gets to walk, and the person who isn't wearing a seat belt gets in trouble. there's something wrong with that.

    What it means is, you can enforce the law on the law abiding people, but not the law breakers. And that's no way for things to be.

    Right now, in Arcata, if you obey any law or any ordinance, you are crazy, because your neighbor is likely breaking every law and no one cares.


  11. rose said:
    "What I hear people saying is go ahead and legalize it already"

    i reread the stories in the links and couldnt find a word about legalization....or about prop 215.
    the bust in honeydew was related to sales in illinois. i would bet that no medical pot laws exist there. but, yeah, im all for legalization. its a waste of tax dollars locking up pot smokers and plant growers.

    i do agree about the sham about prop 215. totally healthy people get permits. although it doesnt make me lose any sleep because its not taking any taxpayer funds AND because pot clubs in california generate hundreds of millions of dollars.

    i was mainly commenting on the fact that a person didnt know that pot left the area as an export. talk about being sheltered from society!!! that person needs to get out more!!!

  12. You're right that people all over the world get that certain look on their face when they hear the name Humboldt. Just ask the kids who go on school trips. France? Italy? England? Ahhh, HUMBOLDT!

  13. Theo not only are you an asshole you are on the verge of being a moron. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and just assume you have a reading comprehension problem. Maybe some "medicine" will help. But then again maybe you've had too much "medicine" already.

  14. 'K. We wanna have a discussion here. No need for the insults. He's heard it enough times.


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