Thursday, April 03, 2008

What's this?

From the ludicrous Cobbpiece in the Times Standard today come this one interesting tidbit... If you would like more information, or want some help learning how you can help protect your community, contact Jon Zaglin of the Healthy Humboldt Coalition...

Well that would explain Mark's speaking as an "individual" this week.

Meanwhile, the Humboldt Watershed Council's blog is embracing Lovelace's givemesomemoneypleasegranteze-speak.

And... Ahhh, the joys of Google: [DUHC Announce] News & Events - Personnel Changes at Democracy ...
...But in a well-timed twist of fate, Jon Zaglin came to Humboldt as an intern for DUHC right as Hannah was getting ready to go. The fit felt right for more than just the internship so within a week Jon agreed to join our Steering Committee.
10/10/07 He's Cobb's intern?

He was getting room and board? Right? *Call for interns! We have so much going on that we've decided to offer summer and fall internships to students from outside the area who want to learn all about community organizing. We'll offer valuable tools and knowledge to a new community organizer. The internship includes room and board. Know someone who would be interested? Send them our way!... And thanks to Maggy and Charlie Herbelin for hosting one of our fall interns. If you would be interested in hosting a DUHC intern for a 3 month stint, please do be in touch.

They had to beg for housing for one of their interns - Can you help Democracy Unlimited by donating a room in your house for Jon (Beslow) to live in?

Our interns are paid a $500 stipend for their three months here so unfortunately Jon will not be able to pay you rent, and he will need to share food with you and your household. We've dug deep and determined that given the last minute circumstance, and the real value that we think Jon will bring to our organization and our community, we can offer his host family $100/month for September, October and November to help pay for food or other costs if this is needed. This was not originally budgeted, and not something we were able to provide to our summer intern host.


  1. Maggie(the nut) Housed and helped program another carpetbagger come to Humboldt to whip the hicks into line. If Maggie and David and their clone would take Mark back to Neptune we'd all be just fine. With nuts like these no wonder we're turning into Tadville.

  2. Momma. doan let yo babies grow up to be _____________

    Stuck in my head. Fill in the blank.

  3. $500 for three months as a stipend AND live in some stranger's home and eat whatever they feed you?

    Sign me up!

  4. Maybe the local non-profits should print out a booklet:

    How to live off $500 for three months of work.

  5. Is this a separation or a divorce?
    Presumably Lovelace as President hired this kid to fill in for him.

  6. Does Cobb get paid for hosting interns? Or does he just get free labor?

  7. IT'S ALL EGO FOR cOBB.Lives off his teenage girl friend.(mentally she's a teen ager),gets to see his name on cut and paste tribe in the TS and sells pancakes for dope money. A real icon of progresive enlightenment. Loons like Maggie&company eat this shit up.

  8. It looks like the 'activist training' industry is pretty big in Humboldt County. They seem to feed off of universities, but it sure isn't a recipe for success. These are the future bag men and bag ladies trying to tell everyone else how to live their lives.

  9. Rose, did you get something in the mail today?

  10. Nice & glossy, wasn't it? Big $$

  11. I got ot to. A slick,high dollar mailer on slicher colored paper. Fancy wrapping of community forest team,redwood forest foundation,save the redwood league,the nature conservancy.A steaming pile of s*#t. They just can't quit till they steal every piece of property not yet in parks. These groups and their (plan) will end up making Hurwitz look like the tooth fairy.


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