Wednesday, April 30, 2008

A statesman

Many stories were told today. By college classmates and lifelong friends. From Cal Poly to Humboldt. Great adventures, love, commitment, and politics.

But the line that stands out is that while many call Roger Rodoni a politician, what he was is a statesman, and there's a difference.

A simple line. But very true.

From the Eureka Reporter: Community gathers to remember Roger Rodoni ...He served three terms on the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors, and was campaigning for re-election.

He was said to directly get to the bottom of things, described by another as a “statesman” and not a politician.

“If all politicians were like Roger we would be so much better off,” Walther said.

The Times Standard reports Standing room only at supervisor's memorial ...Every single folding chair set up in Belotti Hall -- one of the larger venues at the Humboldt County Fairgrounds in Ferndale -- was filled for Rodoni's memorial service Wednesday afternoon. The overflow of those paying their respects lined both sides of the large room and gathered three or four deep along the back wall....

The Journal has devoted an issue to Roger.

We will all miss you, Roger.


  1. Is there any truth to the rumor that Bonnie Neeley called the Governor within 24 hours of Rodoni's death and asked him to appoint Clendenon as the interim BOP position ?

  2. She probably called him as quickly as Arkley and Co. sent off there letters to the Terminator

  3. No one becomes a statesman without being a politician first. Roger did well.

  4. Learn how to spell 7:22 - the word is “their” not “there.”

    Aside from that - bon bon was the one that recruited Clendendon and she has funneled money, resources and staff to him in order to stop Rodoni from “thwarting her will.” It seems that Clif is to be her new lap dog. Which is precisely why she and her current lap dog (John) were contacting the governator to move Clif into that seat. Bad dog bon bon!

    As for Arkely et al contacting the governator - who knows? But having Rogers wife serve out the remainder of his term is quite different than trying and end run around the election process. Fennel out to be outright pissed at both of them for that and so should the local democratic central committee.

    But....oh ....wait now.....isn’t that the same democratic central committee that refused to support a local dem running against Neely in order to help her get re-elected? The answer to that is yes.

    The woman is a viper.

  5. This kind of commentary is not unexpected on roses blog...

  6. 10:19a.m. why not provide the evidence here,you obviously have it.

  7. What part mr. Konkler. The fact that she recruited him, sent ms vogel down to him, helped get him a 10k tip from blue lake, conspired to try and move clif into rogers seat? Which one? All?

  8. I still don't understand why Bonnie can't and Arkley/Geist/Emmerson/Russ can-

    And why is Roger's wife taking the seat different from anyone else? Simply because they were married? Does Roger's brother have the same privilege? Children?

  9. Fair question. Maybe because voters put Mr. Rodoni in office 4 years ago and voted in his ideology along with the man. His wife clearly reflects that ideology. Mr. Clendendon does not nor does Ms. Fennel. If either win the election, then they will then have the voters approve their ideology.

    That is how I see it.

  10. 3:59,
    free speech has different shades, depending on one's position in the local power structure. speaking out agasint a "good old boy" is never ok, and speaking out agaisnt a "newcomer" is welcomed....

    some people are afraid of change, its natural....

    if my family got free land from the goverment back in the 1800's, i would be resentful of people who move here and have to make it on their own too...

  11. Just seems to make more sense to let the election fill the seat. Appointing Mr. Rodoni's wife simply because some feel she apparently shares his ideology seems like a weak argument- I'm sure there are others that also "share his ideology" but I don't see them becoming options.

    The seat can lay vacant for a few month's. Serves as a great memorial to Mr. Rodoni as well.

  12. What a bunch of phony bullshit. If it were Woolley's seat vancant you radicals would be up in arms. The freak D. Cobb leading the pack to ram a lovelace or some other progresive yes man in the seat ASAP. So enough with the "serves as a memorial to Rodoni as well"crap.

  13. phonies, radicals, freaks, yes-men.........this conversation is getting deep.........NOT!!

    wouldnt it be more prudent to give opinions that reflect what you think, instead of calling names?

    or is asking people to elaborate on opinions too much to ask?

  14. "What part mr. Konkler. The fact that she recruited him, sent ms vogel down to him, helped get him a 10k tip from blue lake, conspired to try and move clif into rogers seat? Which one? All?"

    Um,how about the evidence that she one way or another made contact with the gov. right immediately after receiving the news that Roger had died?

  15. fuck u theo and your bullshit leftist shit. Your superior act is bullshit go back to the city

  16. The seat cannot sit vacant for six months.

    If you would sit Clendenin in there now, that is unfair to Estelle. If you sit either of them in June, why not boot Woolley out in June, too. Why wait til January.

    Who gets hurtd by Neelys backhanded dealing are the Fennel suypporters. They're looking for an end run aroudn estelle. Goddammit!

  17. 7:11,
    a. name some leftist ideas that i agree with.

    b. tell me what city i should "move back to". lol, too funny

  18. 7:11,
    the real leftists around here are the good ole boys whos families received FREE LAND FROM THE GOVERNMENT. no wonder they dont want newcomers showing up here, spoiling their socialist wonderland. what other place than Humboldt County would a socialist dream like Scotia STILL EXIST? in AMERICA!!!! its amazing to me

  19. I'd like to suggest that you move to Oakland,just off MacArthure by the overpass. There's a great place for a smart ass to hang out. Happy dreams.

  20. No way. Neeley struck first. She is a cold,cold fish.


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