Monday, April 14, 2008

2 years and counting

URGENT ALERT! This case was TOSSED by the Judge - never made it to trial.
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Feeney said the indictments the grand jury handed down to Douglas and Zanotti in December 2007 weren’t supported by probable cause. Insufficient evidence regarding the former leaders’ alleged failure to oversee other law enforcement was also presented to the grand jury, Feeney said, and instructions given on “exigent circumstances” were inadequate.
The grand jury should have also been instructed on justifiable homicide by law enforcement officials, Feeney said.


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No mention in today's papers? Odd.


  1. No press. Weird.

  2. We wouldn't want to embarass Gallegos, who I am certain has realized what a mistake it was to push the Douglas/Zanottti indictment through.

    Maybe Gallegos has finally provided the required discovery so the arraignment can actually occur?

    I for one can't wait (for the arraignment). Once the arraignment is over Gallegos will have to go toe to toe with top notch lawyers.

    My hope is that the charges will be dismissed by the judge and Gallegos will be exposed for the shister that he is. Is that too much to hope for?


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