Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Salmon Forever 501(c)(3)

Gifts, grants and contributions received
2006 - $10,059.00
2005 - $23,075.00
2004 - $20,676.00
2003 - $54,355.00
2002 - $32,348.00
2001 - $34,967.00
2000 - $32,202.00
1999 - $55,322.00

Part III, Line 1 - During the year, has the organization attempted to influence national, state or local legislation, including any attempt to influence public opinion on a legislative matter or referendum? If "Yes," enter the total expenses paid or incurred in connection with the lobbying activities $___N/A____

Part IV, Line 11a - An organization that normally receives a substantial part of its support from a governmental unit or from the general public Section 170(b)(1)(A)(vi) (Also complete Support Schedule in Part IV-A)

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  1. Hurry and call the IRS! What a scoop! Too bad you don't know the IRS definitions of lobbying or attempting to influence public opinion. By your measure, the American Cancer Society would be lobbying when they tell us that smoking causes cancer and the Polly Klas Foundation is lobbying when it advocates tougher sentencing for child predators.

    Your narrow view and pathologic hatred for environmentalists clouds what little reason you possess.

  2. Oh no. You don't get to get away with mischaracterizing this. It isn't environmentalists that are the problem here. In case you don't realize it, WE ARE ALL ENVIRONMENTALISTS. Just because we don't all bring cookies for your little bake sales doesn't mean we don't care. It's time you quit playing that tattered little card.

    This is about people using phony baloney groups that TAKE ADVANTAGE of the high environmental ideals of others and use them for their own ends. This is about new-age con-men who play fast and loose with the law and the truth. People who employ high powered PR guys to come up with just the right words to lull you, the public, to sleep.

  3. And their own ends are what exactly?

  4. Oh, C'mon, Ya already know the answer to that. 8:32.

  5. As a matter of fact, I do. I have read their mission statement as have you. Your little game of insinuating some evil conspiracy is so boring that it doesn't even amuse your usual little flock of cretins.

  6. Ah, but it amuses the hell out of you, doesn't it, 4:30? You sure do seem to spend a lot of time here for someone who finds it so boring.

  7. Well, 4:30 AM, alot of people have been waiting for the spin to emerge. And now it is here.

    Pretty weak.

  8. A couple of posts a day is a lot of time? Gee, you must think and type exceedingly slowly.

  9. Only an idiot like you considers the obvious and always available truth spin, Rose.

  10. M'kay, well, you're going to LOVE one of my upcoming posts, then.

    You're not Catholic are you?

  11. You are not blind to the truth 7:37 and neither are we. Bottom line you are willing to lie,cheat,insult,steal,sue and even eat your own to get your way. You have big talk but do not walk that talk. Mark is and always has been a payed lobbiest. Everything he has touched is dirty because you lied. To lobby is not bad to lie is bad. You lie.You like Stalin believe the ends justify the means.

  12. LMAO! Now that WAS amusing.

  13. Rose, thank you. You expose the evil in this county. I wish we all had the guts and the knowledge that you possess. Again, my thanks.

  14. Thank you, D! I appreciate that, more than you know.

  15. "Humboldt's Future HANKS IN THE BALANCE" NO,local solutions and HWC,Healthy Humboldt and Mark Lovelaces future hangs in the balance. If they can't make this happen they have shot their wad. Their goal of taking over PL/Palco will have failed. You better hope that they never gain that level of control. Mark already supports unwarrented attacks on personal liberty and a citizens right to security in their homes. He supports TPZ attacks on property owners. He supports the current code enforcement attacks on private property owners. He supports limits on any rural owners rights to develope. He supports forcing all people into socialist block housing in cities. You worry about Home Land Security abuses,they are nothing compaired to the destruction of civil liberties that will occur if Mark Lovelace is running PL/Palco or Humboldt County.

  16. No matter how nicely Mark's PR team words it, what Mark really stands for is infill - overcrowding, no freedom of choice as to how you want to live, forcing you to live on the gird with all the community services, in a tight little wad, crackerbox houses and future slum conditions.

    They talk about not wanting southern california repeated here, ohhh the evils of S-p-r-a-w-l, and that means you cannot have land enough to grow a garden, have a woodshed, raise livestock, have a horse and horse pasture - it means dictating to you what you can and what you cannot do.

    And anyone who speaks against infill will be demonized as a developer or pro-development. Nothing is farther from the truth in most cases - being FOR living on the land IS THE OPPOSITE of pro development.

  17. Mark Lovelace says," I voted for rural lifestyles before I was told I was aganist it".


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