Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Wonder what will happen this time...

Humboldt Democratic Central Committee invites candidates to request endorsements

True, now they have a new head - Milt Boyd instead of the vociferous Patrick Riggs. Salzman's puppet group "Local Solutions" is no longer operating out of their office, far as I can tell - they served their purpose and are no longer needed. Salzman and Twombly are not longer pulling the strings...


  1. Having been a democrat all my life
    (I registered to vote for McGovern)
    I can assure you from the Humboldt Democratic Committee to Moveon,
    I have been persuaded to utterly
    renounce any connection with that party. Color me pissed off, unaffiliated, and with a wallet that no Democrat will ever, ever
    get in to.
    And I am not alone.

  2. No you are not alone. I have been a democrat all of my life too. Color me as pissed off as you.

    I will never support anything those bastards say again. They are past being a disappointment. They have done more harm to this community then their little brains can even comprehend. They have driven lifelong good democrats away.

    Shame on all of them.


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