Wednesday, September 12, 2007

My, my, my... (w/updates)

Glass requests formal criminal investigation into alleged confrontation with Arkley

Looks to me like Larry has succumbed to the pressure, demanding he "get Arkley." You can see the tone change and the rhetoric escalate on heraldo's anti-Arkley blog. It went from Glass filing an incident report just to get it on the record to now it's his "civic duty" to file charges

Glass pursues charges against Arkley
The Town Dandy on the incident

I guess we'll end up talking about it here since, among other things, Larry Glass said, "that he tried and failed to bypass the EPD and take his case directly to the Humboldt County District Attorney’s Office."

Interesting in and of itself, given the Salzman connection to both men.

Then there's the fact that this is yet another case of conflict of interest for Gallegos, since Rob Arkley was a big supporter at one time. $17.000. But nothing this last election, which seems to be a root cause of all the anti-Arkley venom. There were no complaints about the guy until his rift with Salzman.

I guess I'll add it to the "cases to watch" label.

Interesting post on the subhect at Capdiamont's Weblog.
And another at 299 Opine

It gets weirder - heraldo has it, and Eric has it, Greg and Carol have it, of course - The ludicrous HCDCC has sent a letter to the Attorney General demanding that the AG look into the Arkley/Glass affair. Funny they have no such scruples about CAST, the loss of our experienced prosecutors, Derek Bowman, Cheri Moore - Gallegos is their baby. Disgusting.

Addtl: Letters to the editor
Arkley and Glass: Grow up
09/17/2007 04:15:20 AM PDT

I have just two words to say to Larry Glass: Cry Baby!

This is just the silliest thing I have heard since my boys were 8 and 6 years old. “He pushed me and I almost fell.” “He called me a doo-doo head.” “He said it first.” “Well, he said that he would break my bike.” “I'm gonna tell on you.”

To Larry Glass and Rob Arkley: Grow up the both of you, or you will lose your allowance for a month.

Val Saunders


  1. Obviously a case were the cooler heads did NOT prevail.

  2. The Real Anonymous9/12/2007 7:57 AM

    he had to try this on the radio and in the papers prior to going forward with charges. That way everyone would know his side and spin so when this goes to Jury Trial, which I'm sure it will, he gets a jury of 12 people who are not impartial.

    Glass is a putz who never should have been allowed to take office.

  3. So - they have assigned a detective for this bullshit? How many of us have had to do self reports of crimes like burglary and theft because EPD is understaffed and a city councilman wants to waste resources over this petty bullshit?

    Truly shameful.

  4. Larry Glass has proven he is a small version of Larry Evans. Rob Arkley now only looks half as bad.

  5. It's not Glass's fault. His financial supporters are pushing him to do it. The reason Glass ran for concil in the first place (and got all that $$$$) is to keep the Marina project out. He has to do what his real bosses tell him to. This could be called a Vast Progressive (facist) conspiracy if Hillary was commenting on it.

    Think back on it. Who were Glass's 10 biggest cash contributors?

  6. BINGO! sleep with dogs,get up with flee infested money

  7. It was blowing off steam by someone who had too much to drink, a possible legitimate grudge and Glass was a victim of his proximity and his past history. Bitch a bit and get over it. Perhaps learn that nasty attacks cut deeper than imagined and that drinking doesn't make anything better. The debacle is yet to come and will be putting the whole community through a protracted crying session about it. Move on to important issues if you want to be a leader


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