Thursday, September 27, 2007

Paul Gallegos' Opening Brief

a 35 page pdf file
Gallegos vs Pacific Lumber Company, et al
Case No. A112028
(Humboldt Superior Court No. DR030070
November 8, 2006
Also available here:


  1. Can't wait to read this one later, work does come first.

    PVG and Timmy screwed the pooch on the Palco suit and he ( PVG and his supporters/controllers) just won't give it up. Such a waste of resources.

  2. What a train wreck of a brief. This POS took a full year to write. I would like to know who exactly wrote it? It is incoherent. Doesn’t follow the rules of appellate briefs and whoever put it together (poorly) doesn’t even know how to explain how the cases deal with the problem that the court had when it dismissed the case. Just whining that the law shouldn’t apply to the DA simply won’t do.

    Pathetic, truly pathetic if this is it.


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